Friday, March 11, 2011

Day One

Wow.....I finally did it!  I set up a blog.  I have been so inspired by a few lovely ladies with really outstanding blogs that I just took the plunge.  This will be a really slow work in progress and as soon as I can I will be getting photos etc. But I want to thank my friend Kathleen J. for getting me involved in blogging and I also want to thank Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage, Pat at Mille Fiori Favoriti, Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen and Marie at Proud Italian Cook for their inspiration and creativity and for taking me places I never knew existed or could only imagine.  You are all so talented and very special.    xo


  1. You did it! I'm so proud of you! I'm truly blessed to have you as a friend. You make me smile and brighten day. Enjoy this new adventure!


    Kathy, (Kathleen J.)

  2. Barbara, Welcome to blogland, you're going to have so much fun! I will put you in my Google reader so I can get your posts as they come up.


  3. Thanks Barbara! Welcome You are a natural blogger and I know you will share lots of fun stories and NYC/Staten Island experiences with us!


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