Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'd better hop to it...

I am just getting around to taking out my spring/Easter decorations, and I always start with my MudPie Nesting bird nest tray and mugs, a housewarming gift from a dear friend (thanks Marie!).  It is currently on a shelf in my hutch, and this time I added a chocolate bunny (thanks T.!).  It is debatable if the bunny actually remains in the display all the way to April 24th, but I plan on giving it the old college try.  And.....I will have a new addition to my spring tableau via a tenacious autumn decoration, but that is reserved for another post.    xo,


  1. Barbara, I love this piece. It is so unique. What a perfect gift! Wish I was there to share a cup of tea with you. Good luck with that chocolate
    bunny :o

  2. What a lovely set!! I love the colors. I am having a thing for that shade of blue these days, just not sure how to work it in. I'll be over for the tea too!! And chocolate bunnies...yum. Thanks for stopping by! I'm so behind in my visits:-(

  3. Oh, how pretty! I love that. That bunny would be losing an ear or two long before Easter at my house!

  4. I am a closet jelly bean I can't buy them as I will finish the bag in no time. Chocolate bunnies will last a little longer...a few nibbles at a time.


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