Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prayers Needed

Shortly after posting my very first post, I turned on the television and saw the devastation in Japan.  My heart goes out to the Japanese people and visitors who are involved in this tragedy.  I am keeping them in my prayers.  Meanwhile back home, my heart goes out to the folks in northern New Jersey who are dealing with tremendous floods from heavy rain last week.  People and their pets with hardly any belongings except the clothes on their backs are being evacuated by rafts and kyacks.  Lastly, in the Bronx, New York a tour bus returning folks from the Mohegan Sun casino was involved in a horrific crash in which the roof of the bus was ripped off by a traffic sign.  Fifteen casualties and others hospitalized with critical injuries.  Yes, prayers are definitely needed.  I am trying to do my part.    xo

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