Thursday, April 7, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself................

Hi!  I'm PearlAngel (or Pearlie, as my birdymama calls me).  I am one of the birdies in the blog header.  I am a pearl pied cockatiel, and I am not quite two years old.  Seems like my older sister and I have suddenly been thrust into the limelight.  Well, our feathers are a little ruffled perhaps, but otherwise we figure we'll grab our 15 minutes of fame!

I went through a rough patch when I was just a couple of months old.  I somehow 'escaped' my first home and was found in the street, lying there with a broken leg.  There are all sorts of animals out at night where I live, and it was really a miracle that a very kind lady, a true Good Samaritan, found me in the gutter and brought me to the closest vet.  This vet is an avian vet, and had been taking care of my older birdy sister for a long time.  After examining me, she found that I had gangrene in the broken leg, and in order to save me, had to amputate my leg.  I spent three weeks recuperating and receiving "birdy rehab" and was soon hopping about and even climbing up my cage.  The vet had my birdymama in mind and sure enough when she and Kiwi came for the well-bird visit, I was adopted as a "special needs" bird.  There is also 'talk' of me becoming a pet therapy bird.  I think I would really enjoy it.

My birdy sister will be introducing herself in another post.  She is much older and has a bit of a 'tude and can be quite camera shy, but we're hoping for the best.  Til next time,  xo


  1. This is so sweet...birdy rehab, who knew? So very nice to meet you Pearlie!

  2. Welcome to blogging! It is a learning experience but well worth it. PearlAngel is so cute..she is lucky to have you as a Mommy.

  3. Hi PearlAngel, Auntie Kathy thinks you look adorable!You sure are photogenic!

  4. Barbara, Thanks for your introduction to Pearlie- I'm sure you are all the best of friends! Even with Kiwi's 'tude... LOL
    Welcome to the blogging community. You've made some good friends in Kathleen, Brenda, and others. and thanks for signing on to follow. :-) I've entered you in the book give-away. Good luck.
    ~ Sue

  5. Pearlie is so photogenic! What a sweet face! I am so happy she has a good home with you Barbara!


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