Monday, April 4, 2011

"An angel is someone you feel like you've known forever... even though you've just met."

Since the author of the subject quote is "Anonymous", I would like to take an opportunity to modify it a bit so it reads, "An angel is someone you feel like you've known forever...even though you've just met them in Blogland."

I am happy to show off my new header and buttons - thanks to Vicki at Curly Willow.  I was 'introduced' to Vicki by Brenda at Cozy Little House.  Vicki has a wonderful design business and lots of creative ideas.  So if any of you feel like sprucing up the old blog site, or for any novices like moi out there,Vicki is your gal!  You can click on her button on my sidebar.  Well worth taking the time.  You can see examples of previous work, special packaging prices, etc.

Thanks for all the lovely comments and positive feedback to date.  I appreciate it more than you would know.  xo,


  1. It is so pretty and perfect for the name of your blog. You will be amazed at the kindness shown by bloggers to other bloggers. There is a true feeling of community is hard to explain to those who aren't involved.

  2. There is a feeling of community here....I felt it even when I was just visiting. Never thought I would have been hooked so completely! xo,

  3. Ah, thank you so much for your kindness. I had a blast working with you. I loved your enthusiasm and love designing for my friends in blogland. There are truly some special people here and I know you will find it to be amazing.

  4. Vicki did a wonderful job! Your blog header is adorable, Barabara.
    How did your cockatiel lose her leg? You will have to blog about them one day.

  5. Hi lovely lady. Yes you did a Beautiful job on your Header so sweet like you sweet lady. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my new Tablescape so sweet of you. I also love Ebay for buying some for my Dinnerware for my Tables. I hope you have a Great Evening with your lovely family. You are one of the sweet Angel~~~~


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