Friday, April 29, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

I am overwhelmed with the destruction and devastation from the tornadoes in the south.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

It was a long walk from the flower market. The senorita wanted fresh flowers for her Cinco de Mayo celebration.  She saw the hacienda in the distance. 

Perhaps I can rest a bit before heading home, she thought, as she made her way across the street.

"Buenas dias, Senorita", the waiter said as he approached the table.  "Can I get you something cool to drink"? 

"Oh, yes, senor.  If you would be so kind."

Adobe Blues "legendary" margarita on the rocks with salt
The senorita brought the drink to her parched lips and took a long sip.  Mmmm, so refreshing.  The cool lime is wonderful in this heat.

"And may I offer you some dinner"?  "Perhaps our drunken shrimp"?

"Si, senor", the senorita said.  She could feel the hunger pangs subsiding as she thought of her dinner.  "That sounds muy delicioso"!

Beer soaked shrimp sauteed with garlic, onions, bacon, chopped jalapenos, and sherry wine served on rice
 After dinner, the waiter approached one more time.  “Senorita, may I offer you some dessert?” 

The senorita thought for a moment.  Her peasant skirt was fitting a little more snugly than she remembered.  "No, Senor, I am trying to redeem myself from all the goodies I had at Easter dinner, so  I will just take the check."

"But senorita, we are making fried ice cream in anticipation of Cinco de Mayo."

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, thought the senorita.  But then she brightened.  "Can I have mine with fat-free yogurt?"

fried ice cream with a golden honey syrup

The senorita headed home thinking, that food is so good it will make you yell "arriba arriba"!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Joining Seasonal Sundays at The Tablescaper

The "senorita":  "Christmas Bride" Limited Edition of 1997 by Goebel, purchased at the Camelback Inn, Arizona.  Wonder where the senorita will turn up next??

Many thanks to Tom and the staff at Adobe Blues Restaurant, 63 Lafayette Avenue, Staten Island, New York.  Sorry, they would not divulge their recipes.  To see their menu click here and to learn more about Cinco de Mayo click here .

This was a completely unsolicited personal review of a meal at Adobe Blues Restaurant and no compensation was received.

My previous post has been updated with a link to the Tubby Olive, where you can purchase blood orange olive oil and chocolate balsamic vinegar.


  1. Oh my goodness-- your dinner looked so good Barbara! I will have to save the name of this restaurant for the next time I am in Staten Island! I have friends there that love to go to Bella Vita --did you ever eat there?

  2. Looks like the Senorita had a great meal! Have fun on Cinco de Mayo:@)

  3. Yes, prayers for the tornado victims, so sad!

    Fried ice cream, now that I would try!

  4. Looks like the Spanish maiden had a lovely dinner with a little liquidness to boot! :)
    Oh, the tornadoes were so horrible. I have relatives in Fort Payne, Al, and they had a lot of destruction and a couple of cousins lost their lives. My heart is breaking for them.
    Thanks for coming to see me and putting up with my silliness.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Hi Barbara,
    It looks like you are having some fun ...
    How are your birdies?
    Un abbraccio,

  6. I'm with you on the prayers. So sad. the food looks amazing. Glad you could be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescasper


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