Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Feet Part II - the Inn

Edited to add that I am joining Beth at Beyond the Garden Gate for her 2nd Travels Near & Far Party

I knew by the smoke
that so gracefully curl'd above the green elms,
that a cottage was near, and I said, "If there's peace to be found in the world,
a heart that was humble
might hope for it here!"

                                                                                               -  Thomas Moore, 1804

We found this little gem of an inn by letting our fingers do the typing on our keyboard and we were not disappointed. 

The 1825 Inn, which really was built in 1825, has undergone a metamorphosis under the skillful guidance of its new owner, Will.  It is about 5 minutes away from all  Hershey attractions and the Hotel Hershey, which is home to the fabulous spa which I spoke about in my last post. 

It is full of country charm and vintage goodies, some of which are for sale.  Each bedroom has its own "theme", here is a view of one bedroom and

the dining all set up and ready to go, which also houses the "gift shop",

a glimpse of the cozy living room (or parlor)

the community breakfast room

where you will be served one of the best breakfasts anyone could ask for.  And Will keeps track of each one
served so you will never have a duplicate meal!

The grounds are so beautifully kept and there is a lot to discover on a stroll after breakfast

Let's take a peek

walking a little further back

I just can't seem to get enough of our feathered friends!

And a little further there are private little cottages

all photos courtesy of Kathleen J. Photography :-)

This little road trip was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed sharing it with you!  xo,


  1. This is orchid
    Thank you for visiting my blog and so happy for your sweet comments!!!
    Hope you don't mind my following you.

    Oh, what a lovely place♡♡♡ And totally different from our eastern atmosphere. I wish I could be able to stay a while in the place like that.
    Thank you for sharing the inn.

  2. What a great find. The grounds are lovely as well as the breakfast. Joni

  3. That front porch gets me every time! When I feel stressed I just picture myself in that rocking chair. I have that one framed and sitting on my desk.

  4. Hi Barbara! Oh, what a wonderful place. I would love to be there right now!
    Be a sweetie,

  5. That looks lovely! A trip to Hershey may be on the horizon to visit a bloggy friend. Maybe! Going to check it out!

  6. Oh how pretty! We have never stayed at an Inn or B&B. We don't think we are "the type"! We like our television and we aren't sure we want to have to talk to other people at breakfast...on the other hand, they always look so pretty!

  7. These kinds of places are my favorite! I would just love to take off on a road trip and stay at a B&B every night! This one is so nice! ;D

  8. That is precisely the type of place that I love to visit. Actually, wouldn't you just love to live there? I would.

    I love the outside as much as the inside, from the front porch to the back.

  9. And I loved that "The Lord is my pacemaker" poem a few posts back, too.

  10. SO relaxing! So pretty! Now please tell me you did NOT go in there and try to rearrange their tablescape! :-)

  11. It looks like you and Kathleen had a wonderful time, Barbara! I love Hershey, PA and the Inn you stayed in looks so charming.

  12. thank you for the stroll - i really enjoyed every bit of it - i hope to visit one day -

    love ya, maria - cottage feel -

  13. Maria! You sure surprised me this morning!! I feel like we've known each other forever from visiting Daisy Cottage. Thanks so much for the visit and your nice comments! xo,

  14. What a beautiful place, inside and out! Your breakfast looks awesome too. Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Beth


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