Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Feet

Edited to add that I am joining Beth at Beyond the Garden Gate for her 2nd Travels Near & Far Party

That's a funny title, right?  You shall soon see why I named today's post this way.......

Making preliminary plans for this year's vacation (actually more of a "staycation") got me to thinking about last year's vacation at the sweetest place on guessed it, Hershey!  But no rides or water slides for this old gal, it is all about the pampering!

I treated myself to a cocoa facial, and let me tell you that the next best thing to eating a piece of chocolate is to have a skilled esthician apply a creamy, dreamy mask of light- as -air whipped chocolate to your newly scrubbed face. 

While you are waiting for your treatment, you can sit in the waiting room and nibble on a chocolate (or blueberry) muffin, sip a cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa, skim the pages of a book from their library or just gaze out the window.

When your treatment is over, you can relax in the quiet room (sh-h-h, it really is a quiet room, no talking allowed) or sit and destress in the aromatherapy room.  The scent that day was delicate roses.

When I finally was able to rouse myself from my scentsational stupor, I felt like a new woman when I left that day!  Ready to tackle any project, walk around any outlet mall with nary a twinge anywhere.

These tootsies shall remain anonymous to protect their owner

Thanks to Kathleen J. for being a guest blogger today by sharing her photos.  My next post will show where we stayed while in Hershey.    xo,


  1. Hello Barbara,
    I "stumbled" upon your blog while looking at Sheila's Note Songs blog.... isn't she a trip? I live a "little upstate" in Fishkill, NY. Just thought I'd say hello and that I took a look. Your birds are cute!

  2. Well Barbara ,your post brought back a most relaxing memory that I have decided to reveal myself as the owner of those tootsies! Lol! There is nothing like a reflexology pedicure! I felt like I was walking on a cloud :)

  3. Hi Barbara! Oh, this sounds so nice. You know, I've never had a facial! I'm deprived! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Hi! I'm a middle aged Japanese woman who is teaching English for school kids at home. I live with my husband without being blessed with a child. He retired from his work last year.

    I love birds but cannot have it because my husband said that having any pet makes us hard to leave the house.

    Well, anyways I wish you allow me to be one of your followers....
    have a nice weekend, orchid

  5. That sounds great! Never had a facial or a pedicure. The latter is now a must, sandal season coming! I have ugly toes!

  6. Oh my, I could really use a little of this right now!

  7. Hi Barbara,
    What a relaxing day! I love facials but have never had a chocolate one. Thanks for linking up to Travels Near And Far. I'm off to visit part II of your post now.
    Hugs, Beth


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