Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last but not least

he-e-re's Kiwi!

Gee whiz, I don't recognize birdymama lately......she is spending a lot of time on the computer visiting a place she calls Blogland, and then she gets on the phone with Aunt Kathy and fuhgedaboutit..........

What's a bird to do?  I guess I could 'tweet' about it...... I am a green-cheeked conure and I will be celebrating my Sweet Sixteen in July.  I am not always fond of the camera.  I heard somewhere that the camera can add 10 pounds, considering I only weigh about 2 ounces, I'd be in a whole lot of trouble.  I was just 8 weeks old when I came home with birdymama.  I can say several words, like my name "Kiwi",  "my baby",  "where's my baby" and "love you".   But I only say them when I am in the mood!   I love fruits and veggies, especially apples, broccoli and carrots.  My favorite snack is popcorn, and once in a while, I get to have pasta.  I'd never turn down a little bite of hamburger, either.  Don't get me started on cheese - yum.

All in all, I have a good gig going here, and I must say I like seeing myself in the header.  Could have used a pedicure, though.  Come back and visit us again.  Later, Kiwi  xo


  1. Keee Weee! How's my favorite birdie? You are too cute! You just never age! Please don't get too upset with this blog thing. Mommy loves you a whole bunch. Hey, after all you guys have become an overnight sensation!

  2. Hello Kiwi! I love your name! You are as photogenic as your sister... don't be so shy you little cutie!


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