Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a good intention of doing my first 'tablescape' for a Mother's Day post, but the week preceding this weekend was not a good one for me.  So I fell behind in my preparations, and also lost some of my original enthusiasm.  But I did want to share this little story with you, as I feel it is very appropriate for Mother's Day. 

Several years ago I sold my home and downsized into the townhouse I am in currently.  In the process of doing this, I literally purged a large portion of the contents of my home.  I was going into a place less than half the square footage of my house.  I was giving up a full finished basement, huge attic, two outdoor storage sheds.  I was not of a mind to rent storage space at a nearby facility.  I have to say that this experience was very "freeing" to me, and I had no regrets.

Then I am introduced to "Blogland".  I visit lots of beautiful blogs, and lo and behold, my daily thoughts get interrupted with distant memories of the 'stuff ' I used to have!   All of sudden I am missing my old stuff!  I even ventured into the vast world of EBay, and made a couple of purchases, which I will share in another post.  THAT was an experience in itself.

While packing and clearing out possessions, I hired a very nice gentleman from the neighborhood, Mr. B.   A co-worker told me about him and introduced us.  He is retired and has a part-time business doing clean-outs and helping people move locally. The more stuff  Mr. B. can acquire from doing the clean-out, the cheaper his overall price will be.  Mr. B. took a lot of my items that I would put in designated piles for him to remove from my basement.  He also moved my belongings into my new home three years ago. I have settled in here, did quite a bit of renovating, bought new stuff to furnish my home.  My tastes in home furnishings did a 360 on me, I went from whites and creams and soft neutrals to a totally autumn palette.   (A home tour is also in the works, for a future post.)

Several months ago, I stopped by my old job to visit with former co-workers.  My friend A., who introduced me to Mr. B, tells me that she has a little "something" for me that Mr. B. had given her that he was returning to me.  She had it "for a long time" and kept forgetting to give it to me.  A. hands me a black jewelry box.  I was shocked to say the least, and when I read the note it said," "We untangled the box of costume jewelry in the clean-out stuff and found this." Thought you'd be interested in having it."  Regards, B.

My eyes filled with tears.  I forgot where I was standing for the moment.  It was so silent in the bank you could hear a pin drop.  This piece of my mother's jewelry has to be more than 50 years old, a gift from my father for a long ago anniversary perhaps, or a birthday.  I don't remember.  But it was meant for me to have.  And it came back to me.  How it got put in a place with items to get rid of I'll never know.  But I believe that my mother made sure it would get back to where it belonged.  And thanks, Mr. B., for being an honest person.  I did not realize it was missing!

I believe the bond between mothers and their children (especially daughters) is never really broken.  They somehow manage to get things done from up above, letting us know they are just  a thought, or a prayer, or a happy memory,  away from us. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful ladies I've met while happily traveling through Blogland.  You are an inspiration to me, when I "grow up" I want to be like some of you, others I would love to be adopted by!


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  1. Oh, my dear friend Barbara♪

    What a moving story it is!!!
    Yes, your mother surely wished you to keep it. As you have wonderfully said, "I believe the bond between mothers and their children (especially daughters) is never really broken. ...", she must be always with you.

    Your story may sound like mysterious to some people, however I strongly believe your mother got it bring it back to you to treasure it.

    Haha, you got me sentimental again and in tears for a while. And thank you for your kindest comment for me. Right!!! "Life is for Living"
    BIG hug, orchid.

  2. I think I will share this story with my husband. Do you think it will give me the excuse to not purge a bunch of stuff. So glad you got your mother's necklace back. I know what you mean about wanting stuff you have given away. I have always collected dishes, but once I began to join the other tablescapers, it only increases your desire for more stuff. Joni

  3. What a wonderful story! I'm so happy this found its way back to you. I have a difficult time letting go of things, so I can totally relate to you wanting your "stuff" back. I need to do some serious purging myself because since starting HFTS more "stuff" has found its way home with me. LOL
    ~ Sarah

  4. What a beautiful story Barbara!It's nice to hear about honest people in this world. That's a gorgeous necklace you have there, I'm so happy it found it's way back home to you!

  5. Hello Barbara,
    what a touching story. That was not only honest of this man, the neclace was also meant to be yours. Wish you a wonderful Mother's Day, too.
    Warmest regards, Johanna

  6. I'm so glad you have the necklace back, that's a great story! The world needs more folks like Mr. B in it too:@)

  7. A truly lovely story and just like fairytales, it has a most blessed ending. Happy mother's day to you. I'm delighted this precious piece was returned to you.

  8. Mothers Day is often filled with such emotion; the sweet and the sad. I loved your story, and I am so happy that this necklace found it's way back to you. Wishing you a beautiful day filled with sweet memories.

  9. That's sweet Barbara, and it really is a beautiful necklace.
    I have to go to Brooklyn today to my mother-in-law's house.... 77th ST & 10th AVE,
    Love, Lorraine

  10. Wonderful story for Mothers Day! You are correct .. it was meant to be! Happy, Happy!

  11. That story is so sweet. So thrilled that you have it back again.
    Have a wonderful, special weekend.
    I am following now.:)

  12. What a sweet story, Barbara. And yes, I am sure your mom had something to do with it! They are always with us.
    Have a beautiful day!

  13. What a lovely story. Happy Mother's Day!

  14. I love this kind of stories where people are honest this days, it's very rare, and yeah, I bet your mom touched it, she wants you to know she's with you, always!, so wonderful. Thank you for sharing always, such inspiring story! I know you'll be having a beautiful Mother's Day today. God bless.

  15. Such a touching story and how perfect for Mother's Day. I'm so enjoying having you be a part of blog land. It is an amazing place.

    - The Tablescaper

  16. I always love hearing this story.It's wonderful to know honest people are out there. To have that necklace returned to you really touches my heart. Your mom wanted you to have and always cherish that piece. Love ya!

  17. OMG this brought tears to my eyes, how wonderful to have this piece back into your life, I can feel the heart felt warmth in your words what this meant to you as I know it would mean to me as well! Happy Happy Mothers Day indeed to you...

  18. What a great story. I found my way over from Pat's blog and enjoy seeing another New York blog. I'm in Manhattan.

  19. Happy Mother's Day, Barbara and what a precious story! I'm so proud for you getting back the beautiful necklace from your mother!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  20. What a wonderful story and I am so thrilled the necklace found its way back to you. Having lost my mom almost a year ago, I am still fairly new at this. I would have said that I couldn't survive without her...and yet I do. I try to explain to those who haven't gone through it that the reason I can survive is because it still feels so much like she is with me. I know she isn't a phone call away anymore (although my dad still pays for her phone and we all call to hear her voice at times)but she is so much a part of me that she is never really gone.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  21. What a sweet story..and how kind it was for you to get it back! I am ready to downsize..can't wait! ;D

  22. This was so beautiful and touching to read, Barbara! Mr. B sounds like a wonderful man with integrity and it is so nice that you have your Mom's special necklace back to rememebr her by.

    I know what you mean about reading blogs and wishing you had some posessions back! I am in the process of getting rid of "extra stuff" in anticipation of downsizing and now I am having second!

  23. There's obviously something wrong with my blog roll because I never saw this post until today.
    I LOVE it, and it gave me the warmest feeling in my heart. What a wonderful gift from God to you.

  24. That was such a wonderful story, Barbara! I can imagine your joy to have your mother's necklace back. It's beautiful.

  25. Hi lovely lady. I'm so Happy you have the Beautiful neckle back, that's a lovely story sweet lady. I also have one my Dad gave my Mom.
    I hope you have a lovely week. Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my Mothers Day Tablescape you are so sweet.

  26. Sweet Miss Barbara...what a touching story! You are so right about that bond. I am glad that Mr. B's heart saw its way to return that treasure. Your story also touches me in another way as I pack to move. I will also be going into a home that is smaller than our current one. I made the mistake a couple of years ago of selling most of the inventory from my fine rentals store. Like you, venturing into Blog Land made me long for it. This time, I am taking ALL of my stuff with me! The singular criterion for our move was that the new place have PLENTY of storage space!!! :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this evening, and have a great week. I'll "see" you again in about a month. Bye!

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    first time visiting your your presentation..great clicks..
    Am your happy follower now..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  28. Thanks for your comments on my blog. This is a lovely story and happy for you! Take care


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