Sunday, September 4, 2011

How Do You Know You Have Really Good Friends?

When they let you photograph them with a mutant squash and allow you to post those photos on your blog.

Is it a squash?  Or is it a snake??

It seems to have a face!

My friend Lily is about 5'1" give or take (like me).

Lily's husband Lenny tells me that this bat   er, squash, is called zucchino estivo, or summer squash.   It was given to them by their neighbor, but it was actually grown on Staten Island!  And you thought we were only known for Jersey Shore types and Mob Wives!

It has a very mild flavor, hard to peel, and has tons of huge seeds.  I neglected to take a photo of  the peeling/seeding process.  Lenny gave me a portion of it to take home.  I cooked it while I was waiting for Irene to come a-calling, it's what I do when I am uber-nervous, cook and eat!  Ugh.  

I made a very quick stuffing of bread crumbs, grated cheese, a little minced garlic, s&p, parsley, olive oil and spooned it over rounds of peeled, seeded squash.  I then baked til bread crumbs were golden.  The stuffing makes the squash have taste.  

I think I will stick with regular size zucchini, and leave the "mutant" squash to the "pro's" (or maybe the mutant teenage ninja turtles?).



  1. That sqaush is huge! I think I will stick to regular zucchini too.:-)

    Happy Sunday Barbara!

  2. That is an unusual squash! Looks like you found a good way to cook it:@)

  3. Too funny! I would have been so tempted to keep it as a conversation piece!
    xo Cathy

  4. Cara Barbara,qui in italia quella è una zucchina siciliana.Noi la facciamo a minestra:Laviamo e tagliamo a pezzetti piccola parte della zucchina.Prendiamo una pentola alta,mettiamo cipolla,aglio.sedano,carota tagliato piccolo a soffriggere con olio d'oliva,poi uniamo i pezzetti di zucchina,un po' di pomodoro rosso tagliato a pezzetti,aggiungiamo acqua un po' di sale,poco pepe e facciamo cuocere una ventina di minuti,poi aggiungiamo la pasta(formato piccolo)Facciamo cuocere.Mettiamo nel piatto la minestra e sopra grattugiamo il parmigiano.Buonissima!Ciao,Rosetta

  5. Tell Lily and Lenny I'm applauding them! Lol That squash is amazing!Wow and for it to be grown on Staten Island makes it even more special.I think you should be planning your garden for next year. You never know what might grow out of that soil :)

  6. It's always amazing to see something that size. The at bat photo was a real hoot. I really like the stuffing you created. It sounds wonderful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Barbara, this post is so funny :) What a squash. We have yellow squash in NC that I've always thought was summer squash (not zucchini, acorn or spaghetti squash), but I've never seen one that big. Your bread crumb stuffing is a wonderful idea! I must try that with our squash. Have a great weekend.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  8. I think you squash is really a gourd, seeds were mixed up? Gourds are not susposed to be eaten? Oh well. Looks like you lived to tell it! Richard at My Old Historic House.

  9. Great and fun post; really enjoyed this one.Mever know what a squash will do.

  10. Well, I've never seen one like that! Your friends are great sports!

  11. I would call that a mutant squash for sure! did look good the way you cooked it but I agree I will stick with my regular squash. Hope all is well with you after Irene came calling.

  12. I love it Barbara. Extraordinary from the ordinary a good thing.

  13. Mutant is right! Good gravy. What you made looked pretty good. Your squash dish and my cupcakes, and we've nearly got a meal covered!! Fun post, Barbara -- happy Sunday! :)

  14. The food looks good, but I think I'd keep thinking I was eating a snake!

  15. Hi Barbara! What a squash! I've never seen anything like that! Too much of a good thing I believe! But you made your dish look wonderful!
    Be a sweetie and you humble me so,
    Shelia ;)

  16. WOW! It's amazing and your dish looks fantastic!!! I'll bet it was delicious!

  17. Hi, Dear Barbara.
    Haha, I think your friend and her husband are your TRUE friends of yours♡♡♡
    They look really warm-hearted people♬♬♬
    My next neighbor who has 2 kids doesn't want me her kids to put on my blog. Maybe a bit of fear for opening their faces to the public, of course not herself either.
    Well, HOW BIG the squash is☆☆☆
    You seem to be a world best cook♪♪♪

    Lots of love and many Hugs to you xoxo, Orchid

  18. Hello,

    This is hugs and I agree these are real friends for you!

    Take care

  19. How neat. That's the biggest squash I have ever seen. I think it makes a great baseball bat.
    It does sound like the normal size zucchini is better. In the south we fry a lot of summer squash. Bob says one should fry one pound squash and two pounds of onions. Throw away the squash and eat the onions. LOL
    They were very sweet to let you share. Thank them for us. Hugs, Ginger

  20. This post made me laugh! My sister-in-law grows these "gagoots" squash every summer and we are always amazed at how long they grow! I love to put them in soup or stuff them.


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