Sunday, August 28, 2011

Me, Myself, & Irene

My thoughts are with those families who lost a loved one from Irene's wrath, or sustained property damage, and dealing with flood waters.  Still praying for all affected.  

Remember this movie a few years' back?  It popped into my head around 1:00 AM this morning, as I looked  peeked  out my living room window.  I would say for Staten Island, where I live closer to Jersey than the city, it was the worst time.  Rain pounding down, winds howling, yet I didn't see any tree limbs down.  

Start of a long night, about 7:15 PM Sat.,  8/27/11, looking out my front door

The "city that never sleeps" -- well, they just pulled the plug on us completely.  Never in all my 57 years did I remember precautions like this.  Mandatory evacuations of entire neighborhoods in flood-prone areas, hospitals and nursing homes evacuated.  Metropolitan Transit Authority powered down the entire subway system.  All buses stopped running.  All three airports shut down.  Turnpikes in Jersey closing, not allowing southbound travel.  The lights on Broadway were off!   The show must go on?  Not with Hurricane Irene in town.  Iconic NYC department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's had their storefronts boarded up and were closed, the malls, closed!  What?  No hurricane sales??  Atlantic City shut casinos, that never happens.  Supermarket shelves bare, and "D" batteries, they were a hot commodity.

I am so thankful, because  the stuff the news media was reporting (which I learned you have to take some of it with a grain of salt sometimes) didn't happen in my development.  I am so thankful for not losing power or cable.  No signs of flooding.  Not much of a clean-up around here.  

View from my door at 7:15 AM Sunday 8/28/11

My fig tree took a whooping, but she is now standing almost straight again.  

small price to pay for which I am thankful
I  like to think it was all my praying non-stop for three days as well prayers from friends and fellow bloggers, I have been lighting candles for three days and a sprinkling here and there (everywhere in my home) of water from the Lourdes America shrine. 

This photo was emailed by my friend T., who lives in Raritan, New Jersey, taken from the balcony of her apartment complex.  You can barely see the sign post for the complex peeking out of the flood!  And she had her power and cable, thankfully!

Look closely at middle tree to see sign post
Blessings to all,



  1. I'm so relieved that you're okay!

  2. Barbara,
    So thankful you weathered the storm. It is so hard to watch the news the devastation is so wide spread. Hope you are having a restful Sunday.

  3. I prayed and prayed for all my blog friends...looks like our prayers were answered, I am so glad. :D

  4. Oh, Barbara! I didn't realize you lived in New York! I'm so grateful you're okay! My daughter lives not too far from Albany and they've been without power and lots of rain. But their power has come back on and they are safe!
    This is very scary. We were hit with hurricane Ike three years ago and it just devastated our little island.
    Prayers really do work too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Hi! Dear Barbara,
    How relieving to know that you are OK, my friend!!! I remember the one about more than 5 years ago, 2 of neighbors wooden verandas were blown off. I felt TRULY thakful for the God that he heard ours and your prayers for you to be safe.
    Oh, always hearbraking to know about the victims of disaster.
    Hugs from Japan, xoxo Orchid.

  6. So glad you made it through without a problem Barbara! I agree, it was Armageddon according to the news, they had me frightened too. Thankfully it's over for us for the most part. The pics from VT are just so sad, wishing for the best. Take care:@)

  7. So glad you came through Irene well. We were very lucky and I am grateful for all of my praying friends and family.

  8. I'm so glad you're ok! There is such power in collective prayer ~ and I believe thousands were offering prayers for everyone in Irene's path. It's incredible to think of the city being quiet and dark.


  9. Barbara, I've been thinking about you and other blogging friends in Irene's path. I am so glad that you are ok and that the storm has passed. God is faithful.
    Hugs, Beth
    p.s. Hope you can link in to my next travel party on 9/15: Travels Near And Far. It can be about either a large trip or a trip to a local area of interest.

  10. Barbara, I am thankful you came through the storm alright. My niece lives in Hoboken and the storm wasn't as bad as they expected. Your photos are interesting. I grew up in Miami, Fl. and have been through many bad storms. Being prepared is the secret to survive. Sometimes even that is not enough. I am so glad Irene was not as bad as expected.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  11. I'm so glad to see this post and know that you are OK! I thought of you immediately when they talked of Staten Island and so I lifted you and all around you in prayer.

  12. Glad to hear you survived with minimal damage! Your friend's area looks rough though... I'm still praying for those affected.

    Blessings to you, Debbie

  13. Blessings, indeed. Many were blessed with escape. My continued prayers are for those not so fortunate.
    I am so relieved that you were safe and sound.
    Hugs, Ginger

  14. Cara Barbara,immagino la paura!Per fortuna le informazioni hanno evitato disastri maggiori.Ti sono vicino col pensiero!Un abbraccio,Rosetta

  15. Glad you and your birdies are safe and so glad Irene wasn't worse. My son lives in VA -- after the earthquake and then this -- it's been quite a ride. Joni

  16. Hi lovely lady.
    Im Happy you are all doing well!!
    This is a Blessing for you all.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape. Also your prays for Melanie so sweet of you. I hope you all have a dry week and no more rain for right now.
    XXOO Diane

  17. Barbara I am so thankful you made it through the storm. You never know how a storm will affect an area. The worst storm I lived through was hurricane Wilma in 2005.Huge trees down everywhere and no power for 5 days!It's
    times like this when so many people pull together and help their fellow neighbor.Glad you are safe.

  18. Glad all is well, hoping the floods subside quickly and the worst is over~

  19. Barbara, I am very happy you made it safely through the storm! Goodness what a mess! I have been praying for all of my blogging buddies! Here is the lesson in all of this prayer is more powerful!
    xo Yvonne

  20. Barbara, thanks for you visit and the sweet comments on my bedroom. Ginger

  21. It's so good to hear you made it through the storm Barbara!

  22. I am so glad things turned out well for you. Your prayers for my daughter were so appreciated and we returned those prayers for your safe ride through the storm. Her friends are still a little put out with her that she left ahead of Irene's arrival, since it "wasn't that bad" on Long Island. But, she doesn't regret her choice and we don't either. If you don't live there and you have the chance to leave, under those same circumstances she would do it again. Now, we watch Katia and pray it turns away from the coast. My daughter is back in Orlando, where she in on the hurricane team at Disney!


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