Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peace Valley Lavender Farm

My thoughts are with the people in Virginia who were close to the 5.9 earthquake on Tuesday, 8/23. Two hundred miles away, my little townhouse shook, windows rattling, my china cabinet shaking, phone service knocked out temporarily,  and my poor birds fell off their perches.  I am thankful it was not worse.  As a native New Yorker, my 1st thought was that it was an act of terrorism;  earthquake was my 2nd one.   Scary stuff.  And Hurricane Irene is on her way..........

Most of my followers probably already know how much I enjoy visiting Pennsylvania.  My dream is to live there one day, although I hear it is almost as expensive as living in New York!  Don't burst my bubble, please!

In about an hour's time, I can be in beautiful Buck's County, PA.  I have found some of the nicest places just by accident, driving down pretty country roads, taking a chance that I wouldn't be lost for too long or run out of gas.  

One of my absolute favorite places is Peace Valley Lavender Farm in Doylestown, PA.  Although the fields were pretty much harvested, this lovely little hidden gem is a secret I don't mind sharing with you, my blogging friends.  They have an online store and ship anywhere in the U.S.  

It is a family-owned, small hands-on operation.  The smell, of course, is just heavenly, and if you linger a little bit too long you may need a nap.  Their products range from shower gels to salt scrubs, lip balm, body lotion, sachets, dried lavender wands, culinary blends, honey, chocolate bars, men's shaving products, all made right there on the farm.  

plants for sale
Old Maytag washer shows off a gift basket of laundry products

I was ready to ride down the hill and find a shady spot to while away the afternoon

The farm is across the road from Lake Galena, where folks were enjoying canoes and kayaks, and beautiful walking trails.

ducks?   decoys??  

Of course, the resident chickens cross this road all the time

You can barely see this black butterfly
We definitely left our stress behind when we said good-bye to the nice owners.

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  1. Hello Barbara:
    How delightfully charming all of this appears to be. Exactly the kind of place we should wish to discover and enjoy and, even better, to have it all within reach of home. We can but wish!

  2. E' sembra tristezza nel cuore,quando la forza della natura si scatena attraverso terremoti,uragani,maremoti e vulcani!Fa molto male pensare alle persone colpiti.Su questa terra siamo tutti appesi ad un filo!Rosetta

  3. We have a lavendar farm like that near where I live (in Illinois) :-) It's only a part time thing for the people who run it.

  4. Dearest Barbara,
    Oh, what a wonderful lavender farm♡♡♡ Another beautiful place you share with us!!!
    How lovely you said that "the smell is just heavenly, and if you linger a little bit too long you may need a nap". It sure describes the atmosphere of the place♬♬♬

    Your second earthquake, it must have scared you a lot!!! I wonder how long the afterquakes in northeast of Japan last. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the hurricane won't get close to you.

    Love and Hugs from east, Orchid.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to visit and to live.

  6. Such a beautiful farm, it looks like a perfect day trip:@)

  7. I LOVE it!
    By the way, my sister lives in Bucks County,
    Love, Lorraine in Fishkill

  8. Barbara I am so glad we were able to get this pleasant respite into our vacation time together. With all that has been happening on the East coast I think you will need another one! Looks like we here in South Fla. will not get the brunt of Irene. I'm sending prayers to all my friends and family up north.

  9. What a lovely post; I have never been there so it was great of you to share this little corner of paradise with us. Good luck with your dream; we all need thse to keep living.

  10. Hello,

    This is so charming,Beautiful pics. There is also a little surprise on my blog for you :-)


  11. What a beautiful place! And to be able to come home with lavender goodness... heavenly!

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. The farm looks wonderful! What a beautiful place to visit. We ran out of our own lavender and had to go to a local grower to get more. It was a fun trip to the lavender farm.

  13. I just know this place had to smell heavenly! I have a Pinterest board titled "Lavender Fields Forever" and add to it almost daily. I hope to visit a place like this some day!☺

  14. Glad it wasn't worse there. I love PA too, a lot of my family come from there. I LOVE Lavender, I wear it everyday and at night too. There is a big lavender farm here in Utah too. :D

  15. Barbara Things shook here too, just not as bad..I can certainly see why you would love to live in Pennsylvania. We are lucky to have lavender farms close by too and love nothing better than browse and sniff my way around the shops......

  16. Barbara,I just left a comment and it didn't show up. Maybe you have blog approval and I missed it. In short I loved our trip with you to the lavender farm. Lovely photos to dream about.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  17. Ahhh, breathing deeply and wishing I could catch a whiff of the lavender!
    xo Cathy

  18. Oh, the picture of the hanging lavender is just gorgeous! I can't even imagine how that smelled! What a fun trip. Thanks for bringing us along.

    I didn't even hear of the earthquake what with getting kids ready and off to school I haven't watched the news in days. How scary. Glad you were fine!

  19. Oh Barbara, what a wonderful place to visit. I can almost smell the lavender. I would love to go there.

  20. I too love Pennsylvania and have great memories of both these towns.. although i'm kicking myself - how did i miss the lavender farm???? Oh yeah, i was working.. Great photos.. i am so glad you shared.. xo marlis

  21. Love this post, sister friend.
    I am going over to the lavender farm site..might get some Christmas gifts there.:)
    I've never been to Pen. but sure would like to.
    xo bj

  22. I'll put this on places I would love to visit! What a beautiful part of the country...and all the pretty lavender! WOW! ♥

  23. What a pretty place Barbara! You and Kathleen visited so many wonderful places together. Wouldn't it be nice to work on a lavender farm? I know I'd love it! I have a small lavender plant in a flower pot in my backyard and I treasure the flowers I collect each season to use in cooking and to dry out and place in my linen closet. I'll have to visit this farm's online store..thanks!

  24. Barbara, I can't think of a better scent that lavendar. I struggle to grow them in my terrible soil so it would be a treat to visit a farm where you could buy all things lavendar. It looks lovely and peaceful. Hope the hurricane doesn't hit. I have only felt one earthquake when I was living in CA -- what an unsettling feeling --glad that thing went okay. Joni

  25. What a lovely place to visit. Hopefully, Irene will go out to sea

  26. Look at all that lavender-heaven on earth! I've tried to grow it but it just doesn't make it at my house. What a wonderful place to visit and relax.

    My daughter is flying into JFK in the morning...leaving Florida (where the hurricane might hit) to go to NY where the hurricane is going to hit. Of course the earthquake did nothing to calm this mother of hers, who hates for her to fly anywhere! She is being picked up by friends and going to a wedding, flying home on Monday if the weather permits. Scary stuff. I'm trying not to think too much!

  27. That's a nice little oasis! I love lavender....have you ever seen the photos of the lavender fields in France? Dreamlike.

    Pennsylvania is very expensive. Move to Delaware; you'll be just a couple hours away from it.... you'll be able to retire and put food on your table. :)

  28. Hi Barbara - Your photos are just wonderful. I have a lavender hedge in my yard and love to sit in a chair beside it when its in bloom. The heavenly fragrance reminds me of my grandmother. I always laugh at the bumble bees that fly around as if they are drunk. They are so relaxed they never think of stinging me.

  29. How wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing. I can only imagine the fragrance ~


  30. Oh a lavender farm...lovely! Anywhere has got to be less expensive to live than New York, I'm thinking.

  31. I want to visit this lovely place, I'll add it to my list. Just the thought of visiting Lavender fields delights me. Your photos are great and I've enjoyed them so much.
    I'm I am also thankful the earthquake was no worse than it was. I'm happy your you had no major damage. I've never been in an earthquake, hope I never am. Now our thoughts turn to Hurricane Irene. We've had our share of those, I sure hope everyone escapes this too.

    The French Hutch

  32. The fields of lavender look wonderful. I can almost smell the fragrance through the computer! Any the bicycle is so, so cute!

    I'm sure the earthquake was a bit scary!

    So happy you're planning on joining Potpourri Friday next week. I'll be looking forward to it!

  33. Barb, I hope you do move to Pa... we can visit! I will have to take a fieldtrip to this gorgeous lavender farm. It is probably an hour from me.
    Next time you are in Pa let me know and we can get together.
    xo Yvonnne

  34. Hello Barbara,
    I've never been to PA, but that's one of the places I really want to visit.
    The lavender farm you visited is such a nice and interesting place. I love places like that, owned and operated by a families.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comment. The clay ram is from Ukraine. I bought it there several years ago in a small artisan shop.

  35. I have only been to Pennsylvania 1 time in the past 37 years. We used to go to camp there yearly when I was a kid. I agree it is pretty country.

    I would love to visit that place with you. I need a place to take my cares away.

  36. Such a beautiful area! No wonder you want to live there. The sight of all that lavender hanging in the barn was awesome. The aroma must have been heaven.
    Please take every caution with this hurricane. I rode one out and would never do it again. We have evacuated for two. If they tell you to go further inland, jump and run.
    Take care dear friend. My prayers are with you.
    Hugs, Ginger

  37. This place is divine' I can just imagine the wonderful smell drifting in the air from there to every where. Thanks for stopping by and especially thanks for the Sissy Dog Pat. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  38. I've never seen a lavender farm! How beautiful it must smell. Hope Irene isn't doing too much damage and flooding there.

  39. Hi Barbara,
    Just catching up on blog visits. Love your pics and yes Bucks Co. is expensive but it's very different where we live. Not all of PA. is the same, if you like the country you can do very well. Give me a buzz sometime to chat.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  40. Hey Barbara- We get to go over that way to see our son now!! He lives in West Chester, PA. It is beautiful over there! I'll have to mae a note of this lavender farm!


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