Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Lovely Summer Sunday, Part II, and tomato update

This past Sunday was such an enjoyable day for me,  I posted about it here, in case you didn't see it.  It got even better, when, on our way home, we spied items spread out on the lawn with a sign that said "FREE".  (I am sorry I didn't take a snap, I was in such a rush to check things out!)

I must admit, it was my very first time to pull over and get out to investigate.  I was glad I did.  First carton I peeked into, with a little bit of nervousness, being the first time and all, I saw a miniature nativity set.  

fresh from being washed

It has 17 pieces, and it was hand painted in Bavaria, Germany.  It is not plastic, the bottom feels like ceramic.  Not sure what material it is. In the same box, there was an ornament in the shape of a triangle.  

The three sides were made of stained glass, with tiny figures of the Holy Family.  I believe in signs from God, and I walked back to the car feeling somewhat euphoric.  

Talk about finding Christmas in July!  I am just happy that the previous owners didn't toss these into the trash, and instead, they found a new "home" with me.  I also took a large wooden wine box that needs some TLC.  

Since you can't get any thriftier than "free", and I believe these are very old, I am joining Thrifty Things Friday, with Diann at the Thrifty Groove  and Vintage Thingie Thursday with Suzanne at the Colorado Lady.

Please be sure to stop by to see the wonderful finds this week.

And here is an update on the sweet tomato I spoke about in my previous post.  My friend, T., remembered it was called  "Oxheart" and even found a website, just click here.

Sweet, juicy, very little seeds


  1. Love your cute new nativity set, so great that it found a new home-enjoy:@)

  2. Those are both wonderful finds and FREE!! So happy you found them and brought them home.

  3. What a great find! It's beautiful!I agree, it was a good thing the owner put is out for someaone to enjoy instead of trshing it.

  4. Hello Barbara:
    We love your miniature nativity set and cannot believe that it was simply waiting by the roadside for you to give it a good home. So pretty and even more attractive as it is not plastic. A treasure!

  5. Thank you for the update on the tomato, Barbara! I will follow the link :)

    The Nativity set is a beautiful and fortunate find!

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    This was a great find !! so Beautiful just think Christmas is just four months !!! Come on cold the Hot weather needs to go by by.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my new Tablescape. I hope you have a great week sweet lady.
    XXOO Diane

  7. What a great find! It is really beautiful! I am jealous of your tomato too, we only have green ones and it will be a ways off before we get to eat them - it takes way too long to get fresh tomatoes!

  8. Dearest Barbara,

    Guess your German treasures are made of resin and they are handpainted it says.
    What a red yummy tomato you show here and I love the fact that they barely have seeds.

    Lots of love,


  9. That is one time it paid to pick up others trash. It is always surprising what people throw away.

  10. Wow♬♬♬ your lovely cute new nativity set, And I loved "the Holy Family". Haha, euphoric feeling. Yes, God sure must be blessing you!!! (hope I got your meaning correctly)
    Tomato looks SO tasty and juicy!!! What a beautiful color it has♡♡♡
    Happy for you to have a MARVELOUS "Summer Sunday"
    TTFN, Hugs xoxo, Orchid.

  11. What a score for sure don't get much better than those treasures for free...I love those kind too :) It's always so fun looking in the marked free box and finding something's not very often but sometimes at yard sales they'll have 'em and I never pass them by...I always check it out to see, because you just never know. It's surely a Merry Christmas in July for you!
    Big hugs,

  12. I'm so glad that you took those beautiful Nativity sets home, Barbara, as I know you will love them. Thye are beautiful!

    That tomato looks so good!

  13. I totally agree that your Christmas in July was a gift of God. I love it.
    And the tomato.... oh my goodness does that look delicious.

  14. Love free!
    Hand-painted Bavarian nativity figures - definitely a score. So glad you stopped to save these!

  15. So glad that nativity came home with you. It's handpainted and it's so pretty.. So glad you are the new keeper. Also the lovely ornament. Thanks for dropping in and leaving your kind comments. xo marlis

  16. Glooooo-ooooo-ooooo-ria! What a heart warming find. LOVE old nativities, that you have rescued one is sweet.

  17. Hi Barbara, I can feel your excitement!What better than free . Those precious pieces were certainly meant for you!

  18. Good for you - stopping and taking a chance. Next time you won't even hesitate. You scored very well with these treasures.

    (Oh- and the treasure I did NOT post this week was a large wine crate from Germany!)


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