Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get Me to the Greek

Restaurant, that is.  I have been dreaming about a vacation cruise to the Greek isles for more years than I care to think about.  

Santorini is my idea of a true paradise.  I am always looking for photos to add to my Pinterest board and wish board (a la The Secret Garden).

For the interim, when I am craving a little Greek flavor, I head out to Holmdel, New Jersey and visit a place called "It's Greek To Me".  

My friend Lily treated me for a birthday lunch recently.  

Lily perusing the menu

It is part of a chain but the food is quite authentic.  Souvlaki and other meats and fish are grilled to order.  There are all sorts of wonderful Greek appetizers like hummus and taramasalata (fish roe dip).  

We tried the Greek spinach and artichoke dip with grilled pita - it was so good, with big bites of artichoke hearts, not too salty and just the right amount of gooiness.

Beef, pork, chicken and shrimp skewers waiting their turn on the grill

I had the grilled calamari or squid, which was very fresh as it was delivered at 6:30 AM that same day, served with grilled veggies (eggplant, green and yellow squash, tomatoes) and rice.

Lily had the grilled tuna with rice and a side of Greek salad.  It was really tasty, too.

The very nice and accommodating young waiter lifted the cover off this tray of baklava so I could take a photo.  We decided to forgo dessert that day.  I feel I may be a candidate for martyrdom.

So until my next visit to this wonderful eatery, I will look for more photos of my dream destination.   Sigh.

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All photos of Santorini from Pinterest


  1. Thank you for the "getaway" to Greece!! All that food looks so yummy, and not getting dessert, amazing! I have not been to Greece, but would love to go. My mother went on a cruise that included Greece, Cyprus, etc., and really enjoyed it.

  2. Now look what you have done! I have this huge craving for a Greek salad with pita bread and hummus! Wow to pass up Baklava, no way for me! LOL
    Thanks for the trip to the Greek Isles and "Never on a Sunday" Perfect! Keep that dream alive :D

  3. Bel mare!Anni fa c'è stata mia figlia,è rimasta colpita dai bei tramonti!Baci,Rosetta

  4. Looks like a fun restaurant and nice B-Day lunch:@)

  5. I haven't had Greek food in ages! I do happen to have some hummus from Walmart though...

  6. Wow, how beautiful! I so needed to see these photos today!

  7. Loving Pinterest too! What a fabulous looking restaurant. I wish we had one. The appetizers look amazing and how fun to get fresh grilled kebobs!

    I have to tell you that I got a Greek island cruise for the chance of a lifetime bargain! It was the Jan of Y2K and no one was traveling because of fear. We got 2 days in Istanbul in a Renaissance hotel then a 7 day cruise and then 2 days in Athens, again all Renaissance for - don't die - $599! I almost didn't go because it was so cheap and I was afraid but when I found out it was Renaissance I decided to go and it was fabulous! (That deal will never happen again!)

  8. I haven't had a lot of Greek food, but what I have had...I liked very much. This looks like a great place! I hope you get your dream cruise some day!

  9. Aw...glorious food! It all looks so good, Barbara! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Santorini is one of my favorite places. Definitely a great travel goal. I've not heard of this restaurant, but everything looks so good. I like Greek food and working near Astoria I've had lots of good opportunities.

  11. That Greek restaurant looked amazing. But I wouldn't have been able to pass on the Baklava. Hope you get to Greece someday!

  12. Dear Barbara,
    "Greece", only the name of the country gives me the romantic and exotic feeling♡♡♡
    I wish I could go with you, haha.
    Yeah, all the yummy looking foods♬♬♬
    Blessing for you, my friend,
    Love and Hugs, xoxo Orchid.

  13. The Greek food looks oh-so good! Your wish for a Greek Isle cruise will meet your expectations! It's wonderful.

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday. Your participation makes the party more successful. I appreciate you!

  14. I would love to explore Greece. Your lunch looks so yummy! Thanks for visiting, Barbara!!!

  15. Thanks for the fabulous greek meal. It looked and sounded so good. All through the post I kept thinking the baklava is coming, it's coming. BAM! There it was. I admire your willpower. I would have sucumbed to my sweet tooth.
    My daughter and I are going on a 14 day cruise out of Quebec in October. I am really looking forward to that. I love cruising.
    Thanks for taking me to Greece. I have never been there.

  16. I would have started with the baklava and then the appetizer. I am not a seafood fan, but Baklava, your talking my talk. I hope you get your greek cruise someday. I love cruse life, and will be leaving out of New Jersey in Jan for an 11 day Carribean cruise.

  17. this is great! I love to escape when I want to be in Mexico I just go eat at Mucho Loco and I get the fill and the gut ache!

  18. Calling by to visit your blog for the first time as I am also a participant in 2805 Potpourri Friday. I have enjoyed your post today, Greece is somewhere I also hope to visit one day.

  19. Hello,

    You have a beautiful dream, and all the food that just looks very appetizing. I like your new "headhunter" very beautiful

    Have a niceweekend

  20. OMGoodness, all that Greek food looks SO good. I LOVE hummus and greek salad too. How did you ever pass up dessert:):) I will place your name in for consideration:):):) Thanks for visiting me! XO, Pinky

  21. I am always dreaming of traveling to a far away destination..usually Italy! I sure would love to have that spinach artichoke dip tonight! We would need TWO platters! ♥

  22. Happy Birthday Barbara, I have a little present for you, you won my signed copy of Cucina Povera! Email me with your address and I'll send it right out to you.

  23. Hi Barbara,

    Loved your post; those images of Greece are beautiful. That blue, blue water and those white-washed buildings draw me in every time. I'd like to visit there, as well.

    There is a really good little Greek restaurant right across the street from my son's college campus. We've eaten there several times when we visit him. It is owned and operated by a Greek family, and I love the decor and atmosphere. They have lots of photos on the wall of family members dressed in the traditional national costume of Greece, along with wedding pictures, baby pictures, etc. The also have religious icons, tea cups and saucers and other mementos. I love their chicken souvlaki sandwich. Their pita bread is home made and their tzatziki sauce is TDF. My husband and I usually split a piece of baklava. I applaud your restraint :)

    I added your new blog button to my sidebar. I'll be thinking about you, along with my other NY and PA blogging friends on this 9/11 memorial weekend.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  24. Just so you know, you totally cracked me up about the martrydom. I do believe you are a candidate if you passed up baklava!

    I love Greek food. There is a great little Greek restaurant in the city where my daughter goes to school. Love to go there!

  25. I think you did qualify for martyrdom turning down that baklava!! ;) I enjoyed sharing your 'dream vacation'. beautiful!

  26. Oh, sweetie you have my same dream! I went to Greece several years ago, but not on a cruise and that I would love to, such a dream to eat great food and go to Santorini...don't worry, if we wish it so much, we will! Have a nice weekend and thank you for visitng me. Hugs, FABBY

  27. lovely looking food items and the place...great place to be.

  28. Food looks fabulous.. xo marlis

  29. Barb, No wonder Greek food is so delicious! They live in the most magical place... their food has to be magical too!
    That pan of baklava is yelling my name!
    Thanks for sharing this great culinary visit to Greece.

  30. Thanks for sharing your blues. I love baklava!

    Happy Blue Monday, Barbara.

  31. Lovely shots and the food made me hungry.

    My Blue Monday is here.

  32. I am wanting some fabulous greek food now too.Nice pictures.

  33. The food looks just delicious! And I, too, would like to go to Greece. It looks like a beautiful place!

  34. Hubby and I just got back from a cruise of the Greek Islands and I posted pictures yesterday. I would love for you to visit and take a look. I love Greek food and I sure ate my share of it over the last few weeks.


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