Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon

I have wanted to visit the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn's Coney Island section forever.  The last time I was there it was on a class trip while I was in elementary school, give or take 47-48 years ago.  I am not one to rush.  

What made me remember is a Visa credit card commercial that was popular a year or two ago, and the song playing was the Moody Blues' Tuesday Afternoon.  Morgan Freeman did the voice over.

That song came out around 1970, and it was one of my favorite songs and bands from that era.  In the commercial, a doting father takes his little daughter to the aquarium, on a Tuesday afternoon, and because he has a Visa card, the admittance fee  is not a problem.  

Last Tuesday, I went into Brooklyn, met my friend Addie, and off we went.   

The "caged" area leads to the beach and boardwalk
Some of the resident fish had been relocated due to the hurricane, so some exhibits weren't there.  It was disappointing.  We didn't get to see the electric eel (the one thing that stands out in my memory from when I was a child), the sharks and the seals.

We did enjoy this friendly (friendly??) sting ray - he had quite a personality and seemed to be doing flips and tricks for us.

The California Sea Lion thought he was on a red carpet of sorts - swinging his head this way and that way - basking in the sun.

Colorful coral always catches my eye

These fish looked like they were going to kiss

This fish seems to be very skinny, right?  

This is another view of the same fish

Don't know what that red mark is-sorry!
These big guys swam constantly without taking a break

Not sure what this is-not a seal, walrus maybe?
Penguins were hiding, just one lonely one I saw hanging out

I wouldn't want to be scuba diving and see this coming at me!

Looks almost like a hippo

Sea horses look kind of frail

It was such a beautiful day, we went out to take a walk on the Boardwalk.  This is the iconic Cyclone roller coaster ride. (No, I did not go on).

The parachute jump which has been closed for years, but it has landmark status so it cannot be torn down

Beach was kind of empty as it was still windy, the land mass way in the distance is the Jersey shoreline

I leave you with a little song that inspired me to visit this place, and I really enjoyed it.  

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  1. Love your new header; you had great edventure and really enjoyed your photos; thanks for sharing.

  2. Love that song also!

    We took our sons to the NY Aquarium about 20 years ago, and even then many exhibits were empty. It seems they always need money but when they get it it doesn't improve!

    I remember my husband was wearing a polo shirt similar in color to the trainers. (we didn't know this) He was kidding around with the boys and raised his arm up high laughing, and all the dolphins jumped out of the water..it was so funny!

  3. Makes me miss my saltwater aquarium so much! But then, I couldn't have moved that massive thing anyway.

  4. Wow Barbara -- this is a nice new look on your blog! I haven't chnaged my blog header in ages -- how did you do yours?

    I wish I could have come along with you to the aquarium -- next time you come over to Brooklyn give me a ring! When my daughter was in junior high she was part of a special marine science program at the aquarium and she got to feed the Baluga whales and do other wonderful things there. Fun place to visit!

  5. We went to Coney Island last summer (2010) for my son's birthday and my husband and son rode the Cyclone.
    .... Tuesday Afternoon is a great song and I thing timeless.

  6. Looks like another great day trip, sorry some of the fish weren't there! I like your new header too:@)

  7. Wow, what a great trip, reminds me when I was young, along with the song!! I'm originally from Astoria-Queens. Beautiful new header, I love it! Lots of hugs. FABBY

  8. Hey! I love your new header thingie at the top. It looks great.

    I have been to the Atlanta aquarium. It was really interesting, and I enjoyed it. (All except one really snazzy part where you walk through a tunnel with water all around. It's spectacular to others. It gave me the creeps.

    It sounds like you had an adventure.

  9. Now that looks like a fun way to spend a day, I love aquariums. Could the 'hippo' be a manatee?

  10. Happy you finally made it there - we're never too old for a fun outing like this!
    xo Cathy

  11. Hey...you've got a lovely new look!! So nice.

    I'm so glad you got to go visit again a "few" years later!! Thanks for visiting me as well! Hope you are having a great week!

  12. Dear Barbara,
    Oh, New York Aquarium!!!
    Thank you for the morning talk with my husband. I showed him your post today because he loves sea animals.
    He really got interested in the tropical fish in your picture. He said that "discus" is said that "king of the tropical fish" and its color seemed pretty amazed him(p;) He even made me open the PC-site of it.
    Happy for your wonderful time and thank you for the beautiful song♡♡♡

    PS> Love your new header♬♬♬ And truly appreciated about letting me know my picture problem, my
    Lots of love and Hugs xoxo, Orchid

  13. My husband and I haven't visited the Chicago Aquarium for ages. We must make a point in 2012 to do this. Looks like you had a blast at the New York Aquarium. I would love to visit it someday.
    Joyce M

  14. Of all the times I've been to New York, I have never been to the places in Brooklyn that your post about!

    I hope you will bring one of your projects or posts to my Potpourri Friday Party this week. Link-up starts on Thursday afternoon. Without a doubt, your participation will help make the party better!

  15. Looks like a fun time and reminds me of visits my family made to aquariums in Boston and in Atlanta. Glad you got to visit after wanting to for so long.

  16. I love the song, one of my favorite groups too. Your photos are beautiful, great colors and so interesting. I'm sure you were enjoying your day with your friend.
    Like the header too.......

    The French Hutch

  17. So glad to see you were able to visit the aquarium. It makes me think about all the wonderful things we can all explore right in our own hometowns.I know for myself I always come home feeling I've been to some far away place . I must tell you I did swim the stingrays if you want to call it that LOL! I got in the water and right back out after my picture was taken.

  18. That looks like SO much fun!! I want to take my kids to one in Gatlinburg, but we have not had a chance to go. What a fun, fun day!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your so kind comments!! It really means a lot to me:-)

  19. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for following me on Pinterest. I will follow you, too! Have a great week!

  20. Hi: I have never been to visit the park. I am so glad you had a great time. Thank you for sharing your visit with us. Blessings, Martha

  21. Love the song...and how fun to spend the day doing that, I would love it! ;D

  22. Looks like a wonderful day, Barbara!

    I enjoyed all the photos!

  23. FUN! I haven't been to an aquarium for years myself. Of course, I have to drive 4 hours to get to one!! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  24. Ciao Barbara!La tua nuova intestazione mi piace molto!Ho gradito la visita all'acquario e la canzoncina!Bacioni,la tua paesana!

  25. Aw, that's too bad some of the exhibits were missing, but I am glad you had a good time anyway!
    There's an aquarium in Riverhead that is supposed to be pretty good. The gkids have gone a few times. I had enough field trips by the time I finished teaching for 33 years! I know I was to Restoration Village at least 30 times!

  26. This is such a wonderful post-I'm so sorry it didn't link up properly! Let's see if it will work this week!

    Thanks so much for joining in with the Pinterest Master List and for adding the button to your blog. I hope we can all meet lots of new pinning friends!

    Best wishes,

  27. Great new header.. looks like a fabulous day trip.. fun too.. xo marlis

  28. Great pics.

    I'd love you to share your pics with me at Walkabout

  29. You took some excellent pictures! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Barbara.

  30. Nice photos! Looks like fun day.Thanks for sharing


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