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This week it is all about the Letter K over at Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday.  It is also share your pets for Favorites on the First with Alison at the Polohouse.  

Unfortunately, Kiwi does not like the camera at all.  She is 16 1/2 years old, I purchased her at 8 weeks.  Her eyes are not gigantic, the white part around her little brown eye is a skin patch (no feathers there).  

Kiwi is a green cheeked conure.  She is very bright, understands simple commands and can say seven or eight words.  Because she learned to "speak" she does not whistle.  She can, occasionally, let out a scream or two!   She says "Kiwi", my baby, where's my baby, I love you, and "kay", which I think might be her way of repeating "OK".

I thought Kiwi was a male, until she laid almost a dozen eggs when she was eight years old!  She would lay eggs for a couple of years, usually in the spring around Easter.  This caused her to get nerve damage in her legs, and she was paralyzed for a time.  After having to be hand fed and given water with an eye dropper, I came home one day at lunch time and found her climbing up her cage.  

She is also a very good "big sis" to this one

PearlAngel, the cockatiel, was adopted from the vet.  Pearlie lost her leg due to gangrene, after escaping her previous home and was found injured in the street.  Pearlie learned to whistle, so doesn't repeat words, and she can learn a tune in about a week's time and recently mastered "Jingle Bells".  Pearlie really is a "kutie".  And, according to our vet, is probably a male.  

Thank you, Jenny and Alison, for hosting.  We had fun participating this week. 



  1. Barbara F.,
    Hi! What wonderful birds you have. I would love to hear jingle bells. You must take very good care of them. Have a good day! Pat

  2. Pretty birds and great post for K!
    xo Cathy

  3. Oh Barbara, this is so sweet!! I love seeing pictures of your birds. We are real animal lovers at our house, have watched Planet Earth about a hundred times. :)

    Pets make such wonderful companions; they really have their own unique place in our lives and homes. Our MacDuff doesn't like the camera either, otherwise we'd have a lot more cute pictures of him. I think he's quite the cutie, but then, I'm not very objective. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!


  4. awwwwwhhhhh..... they are both so sweet....

  5. Nice birds! My aunt and uncle always had parakeets, a parrot and a cockatiel named Rusty. It was so fun to visit them!

    Stopping by via The Polohouse link party.

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams

  6. WOW! I'm so impressed with your story;I really would love some kind of a pet. Wonder if I could convince him this would be fun.

  7. A talker and a singer ... the best of both worlds!! Does your pretty Kiwi still lay eggs, or is that a thing of the past? They are both very pretty birds! :)

  8. They are so sweet! I don't know alot about birds but I think Kiwi is pretty handsome for sure!

  9. What a nice surprise - I was expecting a picture of a fruit, not a bird!

  10. Like Esther, I was also expecting a post about fruit.

    Kiwi is a great name and a real sweetie....

  11. Bravo you, for saving your bird. They are both lovely. My mama always had talking birds and have would have loved to see this post. Thanks so much for visiting me and my rotten baby Clovis. hugs, olive

  12. Barbara~ I love Kiwi's name :) I've never heard of a conure! Love the last photo of PearlAngel with his/her head tilted! How wonderful you adopted and they are both resilient & thriving~

  13. what lovely birds you have.. You are a good mum for them

  14. Kiwi is precious! ...these pictures remind me of a bird a good friend of mine had...and she was always taking our stuff up to her pad in the bathroom...anything that was shiny!

  15. Thanks for sharing! I miss miss my pet. She died after 20 years (Cat).I want a new one but cannot decide,cat or dog. Your bird is cute!

  16. I am an animal lover but have never had a bird. Yours are just darling. I'm not sure I would trust my kitties around them...

  17. Lovely birds!!! I used to have budgies ... they were so much fun ...

  18. Have I ever mentioned that I love birds? I've never had one,but I love them, wild or domesticated. You haven't featured your two birdies in a while. This was a great close up peek.

  19. I can't wait to show my mom this post. She is 74 years old, a widow and loves her cockatiel. She adopted the cockatiel from my sister's home because my niece was four at the time, and would take the bird out of the cage, and hide it in her dresser drawer so she didn't have to share it with her older brother ;o) Your birdies are wonderful and have a great home!

  20. Dearest Barbara,
    Oh your Kiwi and PearlAngel are so lovely and happy for them to have a wonderful owner like you♡♡♡
    They kind of brings tears in my eyes... My late bro bought a pair of parrot whimsically when he had mental illness and I had them for a while before he passed away. They are at my hubby's brothers'. He knew I loved them; when they got out of his hands, he asked me to take care of them. I couldn't keep them because they remines me of him.
    I really wish to have a pet. Either bird or dog. But when our dog died before my 30's; seeing how sad I was, hubby won't let me one, whew. (hehe, sorry if I wrote about my dog somewhere)

    Blessing to you, xoxo Miyako*

  21. They are so cute! You certainly are devoted to them for the care they needed when sick/injured. They are awfully lucky to have you!

  22. Your post sure has touched my heart! They are such sweet birds and so lucky to have you!

    I am thrilled you shared your birdies with us today at the linky party. Thanks SO much for coming by.


  23. Love your birds and the stories that went with them.


  24. Oh so sweet! My niece has a parrot named George that talks quite a lot. One time I spent the night at her house and thought I heard her talking on the telephone...well, it was George! He sounded just like my niece! lol Thanks for stopping by and your comment about GWTW. I can't imagine anyone else playing Rhett Butler!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  25. Birds are so interesting and your two are no exception. Check out my post from a few days ago titled All Creatures for another beauty!

  26. I had a boyfriend once who had two cockatiels sp? They were lovely.

  27. Thanks for your entertaining K - story about your two birds!

  28. Orchid again here, my friend.

    I tagged you an award (*^_^*)

    PS> I am sorry if I mentioned about the birds of my bro before.

    Love to you, Miyako*

  29. What a sweet 'k' that was. I've never had a bird pet, but love to visit people who do.

  30. Hi Barbara and how nice to get to know a little more about your babies! Such pretties birds!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  31. Awwwwm Kiwi was a perfect way to use the letter K!!!

    What fun you bird buds must be. My mom has owned a parrot for 'round 28 years. I can't believe the vocabulary of that bird!

    God bless ya and have a joyful day sweetie!!! :o)

  32. Oh glory to goodness, I'm the birdbrain!!!

    I came over to thank ya for hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya enjoy the ride sweetie!

    God bless ya :o)

  33. Birds are a lot smarter than we think aren't they? They are really beautiful and I'm sure they must be great company!

  34. Loved your post Barbara. Please tell Pearlie I would like your rendition of Happy Birthday! Come on Pearl I know you can do it! Remember now, March 11th. and tell Kiwi aunt Kathy says hi.

  35. Your Birdies are so pretty! I had a parakeet for years and years. They are so much fun!

  36. Oh, those faces! Those are some cute birdies, Barbara :)

  37. Your birds are adorable! I enjoyed reading about them today.
    Hugs, Beth

  38. Hi Barbara,

    Oh wow! I did not know you had birds. Aren't they the best!


  39. Barbara, such a kute post. I'm always fascinated by birds but a little afraid of them...not exactly sure why.

    I can almost imagine your face when you found the eggs! That would be a real surprise!

    This was really interesting...I'm glad you have someone to make you laugh around your house!

    Thanks for sharing your feathered friends with us.



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