Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Little "Green" in the City

Kathleen, of Cuisine Kathleen,  is hosting a weekly meme called  Let's Dish.  This week we were asked to incorporate Earth Day, which is this Sunday,  April 22nd. 

I wanted to do a table featuring some new dishes and glasses I picked up at Fishs Eddy, a restaurant supply store outlet where I live.  I realized that I could work these items into an Earth Day tablescape.  

The skyline dinner plates are quite large and can be used as a charger.  I realized that three aspects of my life are represented on these plates.  

I was born in Brooklyn

Spent almost 30 years of my life at Citicorp (now known as "Citi")

And four little pieces of my heart will always remain at this site

The wine glasses are from Italy, and these are the type of glasses from which Italians drink their vino.  

They look like "juice" glasses to me.  I remember this type of glass as a child. I may have a recipe or two that specifies "a wine glass of sugar",  this would be the glass.

There were bowls and mugs and smaller plates with the skyline design, but I decided on some napkin rings.  

I am not exactly sure where I was headed with the napkin fold other than it sort of reminded me of cornstalks (?) or something growing.  (You don't really want to get into my head, trust me!)

The coasters represent a plan for a garden featuring lots of herbs and borders.  

When I think of Earth Day, I think about the three R's:

                                -  Recycle
                                -  Reuse
                                -  Repurpose

Here in NYC, we are required to recycle all paper and cardboard, both soft and corrugated types, and all glass and metal.  The Department of Sanitation loves to rifle through our trash cans and  issue fines for non-compliance.

A wine bottle marked "Made in Italy" is my vase for this table.  I paid $.25 cents for it at a church rummage sale. 

 Upside down wine glasses make good holders for square votives.

My tulip dessert cups are  filled with Dirt Dessert.  

Recipe is so old and very easy.  Use a 4 -serving size package of instant chocolate pudding, add 2 cups milk, whisk and let set for 5 minutes.  Fold in an 8-oz container Cool Whip.  Crush Oreos to make 1 1/2 cups crumbs.  Add half of these to pudding and fold in.  Put into serving dish or individual bowls.  Top with remaining crumbs.  Decorate with gummi worms.  

I used to make it for barbecues and pool parties and would serve it in a new, clean, lined -with- plastic- wrap flower pot and a spade for a serving spoon.  Or in a clean, new child's beach pail  and shovel.  I made individual ones today.  I could not find gummi worms!  So I cut gummi Lifesavors and popped them in.  Ah, repurposing is fun.  

Yes, we are in New Yawk, and I need a little beveridge with my Dirt Dessert.

This set is called "Brooklynese" and also came from Fishs Eddy.  Is there anything more comforting than chawklit puddin'?   ;-)

Another hint for Earth Day........dump your used coffee grinds in your yard to keep ants away, dump them on ant piles directly and ants will move on.  They may repel snails and slugs, too.  Sprinkle coffee grinds by your roses, azaleas, rhododendron, any plants that like acidic soil.  Your plants will appreciate it.

I hope you enjoyed a little visit to the "city".  

In addition to Kathleen's Let's Dish party, I will be partying with Bunny Jean for the Bunny Hop PartyRattlebridge Farm for Foodie Friday,  and for the very first time, Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday and Home & Garden Thursday at a Delightsome Life, Jann Olson for Share Your Cup Thursday, and The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.  Thanks to all the lovely hostesses.



  1. Dearest Barbara,
    Yeah, Fishs Eddy♬♬♬ You did a WONDERFUL job of tablescape, my friend♡♡♡
    And I was moved to your feeling toward Brooklyn and yes,"twin towers"!
    And I learned votive candle today(*^_^*) Good idea,isn't it.
    Thank you for sharing Earth Day green table setting♪♪♪ 
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  2. Fun tablescape! I love the NY plates and napkin rings and interesting facts that you shared. Don't envy the guy whose job it is to go through everyone's trash to issue fines:@)

  3. I so love the dishes... especially the ones representing NYC!!
    Hugs .... Marilyn

  4. Area you really looking forward to Fall? We had snow yesterday/ Love that little tulip cup' great photos.

  5. Wow, what a fantastic post! I love it all, but I am stealing the way you placed your utensils - never seen it done that way before. All of your New York things are adorable, but, my favorite is the dirt cup desserts. My son the green beret's all time favorite dessert. Please put him in your prayers. It was a very tough week for him - almost hit by a sniper and then the attacks on Sunday.

  6. The New York plates are the BOMB.Richard from My Old Historic House.

  7. Barbara F.,
    Hi! Your table is wonderful. I love your Chargers with the city on them. Would love to sit down to that table and have coffee with you and have some of that dirt dessert.

  8. Great job for Earth Day tablescape. Love those plates you found and made such a personal statement in your setting.

  9. Hello,

    I love your plates! Everthing looks perfect for me. Well done, my dear :)

    Greetings from a rainy Belgium

  10. Hi Barbara! OH, I love your table. Look at those darling landscape, or cityscape plates! Now what's on the menu? I sure wish I could pop over! ;)
    I guess I shouldn't complain so much about Blogger since it is free.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  11. Oh my word...the Brooklynese is hilarious!! Great table, Barbara. I love the sweet little tulip dishes too!

  12. Fantabulous Earth Day table. I love those plates. It is all just wonderful.

  13. LOVE your dishes!! Such a pretty table, thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful night!


  14. This is a fun tablescape and post, Barbara! The dishes are special to you, I know. I do love those little glasses that the Italians like, they make for an interesting table!

    I like your blog and I am glad to have joined the party so I could stop by! :)


  15. Barbara~ I use only creamuh in my cawffee~ love the "Brooklynese"'s phonetically very similar to Eastern NC dialect, who woulda thunk it? :) Love your repurposing at the table with your upside down stems for candleholders!

  16. Barbara, I can't believe that I didn't know you lived in NYC. My husband is from the "city", and his students tease him about his accent. He tells them that they have the accent! The creamuh and cawffee crack me up! Love everything you found at Fishs Eddy! My husband spent many days of his young life in the area of the Twin Towers. I'll be showing him this wonderful post!

    I have made many dirt cakes for parties when our boys were younger. Thanks for sharing yours!

  17. I've never seen anything like the skyline dishes. They are exquisite! And since I 'try' to be Italian, I need to find glasses like these for my wine! I remember the dirt cake, too! Beautiful table! Love your 'green'!

  18. This the cutest tablescape and is perfect for Earth Day! The Brooklynese is precious. I love the part about the 3 R's. The large plates are wonderful with the cityscape but sad to see the twin towers. Thanks for sharing about the city! Pam

  19. I did enjoy my visit to the city, very much so!! Yes, great minds do think alike. Your dirt cake looks so cute in the individual dishes. Have a happy week!!

  20. WooHoo!! This is great. I loved reading this, so cute!
    Both dh and I were born in NYC, so we know what cawfee is. I love the charger, how meaningful! I have to go back and see where you got those napkin rings too. S and c are too cute too!
    I am so happy you joined in, and this is a real NY Earth Day!
    We have to pay for each bag of garbage and bring it to the recyle Center. They hit the bags with bats, and if they hear glass or metal, you are in trouble.
    Funny you didn't go with the Birdie theme, Miss B! :)

  21. Hi Barbara... Your table looks awesome and I love your dishes.. My trip to New York City was one of my favorite trips..
    God bless..

  22. I love your New Yorker's view of Earth Day and thanks for the tips! Such clever elements and the dirt pudding looks yummy!

    Robin Flies South

  23. I love this post! Fishs Eddy sounds like a fun store.

    Your dishes and napkin rings are rally cool -- and the whole thing is very pretty.

    That dirt pie used to be very popular in Texas when I lived there. My husband will still ask for it occasionally.

  24. I LOVE IT that the sanitation issues citations for non-compliance! I know recycling is perceived as a pain in the patooty to a lot of people, but it's something we ALL must do to make a difference. That's usually the only way to get people's attention is to hit 'em in the wallet! I love it that you were able to find so much symbolism in your charger. I know that makes them that much more special to you as a keepsake. I remember seeing wine consumed from these glasses for the first time in "The Godfather". I remember thinking how cool it was that they didn't feel the need for a fancy glass. Many Americans view the practice as being akin to drinking wine straight out of the bottle with a paper bag wrapped around it but seriously...who knows all things wine better than the Italians? Depending on what's goin' on around here, I often drink it that way myself! It just makes it more fun! If my guests gawk, I EDUCATE them!!!

  25. Hi Barbara, I love your dishes and your story about the ways they represent your life. I worked in Tower 2. When we lived in Brooklyn Heights we often walked across the Bridge to get to work, especially during strikes, power know the drill! Your dirt dessert looks yummy to me! Happy Earth Day. Linda

  26. I love your table! And those dishes!

  27. So wonderful how the dishes are you. Love those plates and the napkin holders. Those glasses make so much sense, no wobbly stems! Happy Earth Day. xo marlis

  28. Glad you shared your Fish Eddy's finds. Love that store! I really like the skyline dishes. What fun it would be to have some of these. Thanks for sharing this clever tablescape and the recipe.

  29. How fun your dishes are! Love your fun Earth Day tablescape.

  30. I like what you put together. Love the greens and the dirt pudding is just perfect...Christine

  31. Barbara, This is such a great table. I LOVE all of your city touches!!!!! Right down to those creative napkin rings! What a creative way to display your flatware too!
    Happy Earth Day!

  32. Message for Mary at Home is Where the Boat is: I cannot access your blog. :( My computer freezes up! I don't know why. It has not happened with any other blog so far......I miss visiting.

  33. What a great table and I love that it has special meaning for you. I've seen beautiful Italian wine glasses that a friend has from Italy similar to those. The coffee cup, creamer and sugar bowl are so funny!

  34. beautiful and full of history!!
    I love the candle holder...I will try this!! thanks.
    happy earth day!

  35. Hi Barbara,

    Oh wow I love it. It's a nice way to bring back your roots for Earth Day!
    You know Jersey folks say cawffee too. I have to always remind myself to say it the correct way :)
    I say soder and my kids have to remind me it's soda. My children tell me I still have a slight NY accent. Who Me! lol


  36. Very cool *Good Earth* Day post, Ms. B!
    Fun times with all your NY items & great scores on them, too.

    Welcome to your first Tablescape Thursday, too. WARNING: It is addicting!!!


  37. this tablesetting. The chargers are really wonderful. Love how the charger makes it look like the skyline is encircling your dinner plate. Love all the special details...just beautiful!
    I am stunned to hear that NYC goes through your trash. I think I'd become paranoid and start burning all mine. Reminds you of something you would hear happening in a country where freedom doesn't exist.

  38. I have looked at dishes at the Fish Eddy site so often. I just love them. They look wonderful on your table. The green is such a great accent. Love the chargers too.

  39. I enjoyed visiting you very much! This is such a fun post. I couldn't help but chuckle after looking at your dishes and thinking I'm sure I must be pronouncing those dishes wrong because they seem like southern pronunciations to me. LOL! I love them! Your dessert looks delicious too!

  40. what a great Earth day tribute - I love the worm dirt cups. Ever since James and I got back from Italy I don't bother w/ my fancy wine glasses and just grab my "juice" glass like you have here, HA!

  41. Love those skyline chargers. Glasses from Italy are a wonderful addition.The dirt dessert is darling and looks easy enough. Happy Earth Day Barbara.

  42. What a very fun and unique table you set. I love the fact that it's all about you. Fabulous.

  43. What a great the table...I knew I would see those fabulous skyline chargers again!

  44. No table for me this week as we just got back from Spring Break with the kids - hence the Cabo Barbie post! I love your take on Earth Day, especially the Earth Cups. I need to make them! Your plates are fabulous too. Makes me want to travel and see the earth - where I always marvel at the variety and beauty of each different area!

  45. Barbara, what a wonderful Earth Day tablescap. I love the skyline dishes. So fun that you have that relationship with them. Thanks so much for sharing this with my party! I am now following you.

  46. I love it when a poster tells how it all came together. Your story makes the whole tablescape even more marvelous than it already is!

  47. I love your New Yawk table! I grew up with Italian grandparents and I don't remember stemmed wine glasses either. Thanks for sharing your "personal" table with us! Visiting from Let's Dish!

  48. An awesome post for Earth Day at Kathleen's...
    Your New Yawk table is just as cute as can be....

  49. What a wonderful earth day tribute! You pulled together a great look! I love all the different elements like the garden coasters and the cornstalk napkins! Your city skyline plates are special and I like the "wine' glasses! I didn't know that's how the Italians drink it! Aren't you smart using a "dirt dessert" too! The upside down wine glasses look and inventive!

  50. Such a fun and green Earth Day tablescape!

    Greetings from Australia♥

  51. Barbara, I didn't know you were from NYC! I was born and raised in Schenectady,NY near Albany. I love your skyline dishes....they remind me of home. Your whole table is very nice and at a bargain too! Thank you for stopping by...Blessings My Friend,

  52. I love your Earth Day tablescape! The plates are perfect and so meaningful.It makes me want to go to a ceramics class and design a plate!The colors work so well with your home. Don't store them away. Use and enjoy :D

  53. I just returned from my little hometown of NYC! The beautiful photo of your Mom looks so much like my mother (who also now lives in MN). Even the background of brick reminds me of her childhood home in Queens! You can set my table anytime. I love the wine glasses as votive holders. Our table is always packed with votives (so we can see over everything!) Following. Enchanted.

  54. Sweetie, this is the most perfect Earth Day Scape I've seen all day. Quite the 'worldly' collection you have there. Beautiful!!!

    God bless ya and have yourself a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

  55. Your dishes are fun, particularly the "Brooklynese" ones. I also took a look at your beautiful hydrangeas in the previous post; they're lovely!

  56. I love visiting your blog! You always have something wonderful and creative going on! Your table scape is thoughtful and beautiful! Thank you for a fabulous Earth Day post!

  57. This is a beautiful table for Earth Day! I love, love, love the New York chargers & napkin rings.

  58. What a fun table. Love the New York plates. We need to start thinking about our New York blogger get-together!

  59. Barbara, your table is stunning. I love everything. The green plates are my favorite color of green. Just beautiful. Wish I was coming to dinner! :D

  60. Dearest Barbara,

    Lovely to read this post! You did a great job on blending it into your post.
    So you're from Brooklyn, or 'Breukelen' as it was originally called in Dutch from the era of The New Netherlands. There is still so much Dutch intertwined into our American language.
    During the time that we lived and worked in the Venice area we've never seen that kind of wine glass, you mention here. Similar ones I know from my childhood in The Netherlands, used as juice glasses indeed or for grenadine... You know that?
    At least you don't show ANY disposable glassware, plates or napkins here and that certainly would reduce 'mountains' of trash in the landfill.
    We always use the real thing, never use any disposables. In The Netherlands they educate far better on your 3 subjects of: recycle, reuse and re-purpose I guess.
    Let's hope more people will become aware of this need as it is so urgent.
    Enjoy a great weekend!
    Love to you,


  61. Barbara,
    You have 60 comments and I'm the 61st! I've never had that many! What a fun post. I love your table setting. So you were a Citicorp girl, huh! I was an Equitable/Equicor/CIGNA gal for about that long. I even made trips into NYC to the home office for both Equitable and Equicor back in the 1980s. I visited the Twin Towers on one of those trips and went to the top to a restaurant. Ah...the memories. I had some good friends from NY over the years too. Lost touch with all of them though. Too sad. Have a lovely day and let's hope the rain coming isn't as bad as they are forecasting.

  62. Barbara F.,
    Did I tell you that I think that is a wonderful table setting. Oh well I've said it once again.
    Have a great night.

  63. Hi lovely lady.
    Your tablescape is wonderful. I love your Dishes and Chargers with the city on them. I also love your dirt dessert. thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Earth Day Tablescape. Hope you and your family have a wonderful week coming up.
    XXOO Diane

  64. I wanted to comment on Friday but my computer pooped out on me for soem reason so I did a virus check, a defragged time consuming, but everything was OK, thank goodness.

    You know as a fellow Brooklynite-- born and raised and still here-- I love all thses duashes, Barbara! I hope I get a chance to get over to the Fishes Eddy outlet store soon. Your tableacpe looks so pretty!

  65. What a fun table! I love those dishes and napkin rings. A really cute find! Have a great day!

  66. I'm so glad I checked back for older posts because I had been wanting to see a table with those dishes since you posted about them.

    This was a great Earth Day post, and I loved the dirt. I wouldn't have known those were gummy lifesavers if you hadn't said so.

    I can't believe what you said about them checking through your trash. That's just terrible to me. We're big recyclers and reusers, but we do it on our own. No one fines us if we don't. Yikes.

    Oh, and I want to borrow that idea with the votives on the wine glass stems. That looked wonderful.

  67. Love the Fishs Eddy dishes. It is one of my favorite places to visit when I come to NYC to visit my daughter. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  68. Hello Barbara,
    I just love your dishes! The coffee mug, sugar and creamer especially - fabulous post - wonderful plate with memorable skyline of NY! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  69. Love those skyline plates. I've been tempted by them many times!

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays. Be sure to check out my recent post and GIVEAWAY announcement.

    - The Tablescaper

  70. Hi Barbara!

    I really enjoyed reading your post today. Those dishes are full of personality.... love the NY words.

    Thanks for sharing this at my party this week!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!


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