Saturday, July 28, 2012

Think on These Things

When my friend Lily sent me this photo of a moth which was hanging out by her front door, it really struck me in a way I couldn't explain.  She wrote, "Notice anything in particular?"  

I certainly did.  And I was upset enough to fix the photo the way I thought it should be, even though it was just a photo of a moth.

I did a little research about the symbolism behind an upside cross and found this:

One of the most popular Satanist symbols is the upside down cross, the reasoning behind which seems obvious enough.  The inverted cross is the most immediately recognizable symbol of defiance against Christianity.

The inverted cross is actually the personal trademark of Saint Peter, the first Pope, and one of the most revered figures in Catholic lore. When Peter was martyred by crucifixion 
he was said to have requested to be crucified upside down because he didn't feel worthy of dying the same way as Jesus. As a result, many Catholics actually consider the inverted cross to be a more acceptable thing to wear than a regular-right-side-up one.

                           M y
                           O  nly
                           T  hought was
                           H  eaven




  1. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing this. MOTH!

  2. Interesting concept. Like the very last part!

  3. It is a wonderful story of Peter... That moth has quite a testimony.

  4. I never knew that about an upside down cross. That's really interesting.

  5. Now that's just creepy. But you made it quite educational! LOL

  6. Dearest Barbara,
    Oh, I see!!! When starting to read this post, I was thinking something ominous. So interesting to know this one thing about Christianity. Very amazing to know about the inverted cross and Saint Peter!!!
    Hey, "My Only Thought was Heaven"; really brilliant and I liked it a LOT, my friend ;)))
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  7. What a lovely post! Wouldn't it be a blessing to carry Christ around on us for the world to see... on second thought we do! What a blessing!

  8. That is a lovely poem/word picture of moth. What a handsome moth with a cross; I see no satan symbol here, but a crusader cross used to defend the faith across the ages. Angels may carry these crosses.

  9. Wow, that is really something! The first thing I noticed of course was the cross but then I noticed the moth was the shape of a shield.

  10. This was so interesting! I never knew that aconym for MOTH, Barbara!

  11. Dear Barbara, this post is very interesting. I didn't know the story about the inverted cross. thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. What an interesting post. I'm curious as to what kind of moth that is. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  13. I love seeing winks from God in nature. What a great post!

  14. I missed this one! I'm glad I noticed that because this was interesting. St. Peter is my favorite of all the apostles. If we get to "meet" people when we get to heaven, I have always said that I would love to meet him and thank him for the many smiles he has given me in Bible study. Oh how I love him!

    I didn't know that about the upside down cross being in reverence to him.


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