Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon

I hope you get to spend some time under this special moon
Be sure to make a wish.  I did.
This won't happen again until 2015.  Will we still be blogging?
I know at least one angel heard my wish. Have a happy Labor Day weekend.  I am starting fall cleaning and some early decorating (just a little!).  I'll see you in a few! Linking to Blue Monday xo

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fruit, Flora and Fauna

I wanted to share some EBay finds and another giveaway win.  I also want to ease into Fall, so this is the last time before these items get packed away for a long winter's nap.

Starting with the "fruit portion", I found these Blue Ridge Southern Pottery fruit plates on EBay last summer.  

I had every intention of putting these four into a collage, but PicMonkey would not have any of it.  Would only let me upload photos from my last post.  That is the one program I can understand so no time to learn another at the moment.

Best I could get of the marking and no idea what that stain is, as it is not visible on the plate.

For the "flora" portion, I used these pretty hydrangea dish towels as napkins.  I won these from the first "Let's Dish" party at Cuisine Kathleen.  I don't want to cut them as I like displaying them as towels, too.

I wanted to show you these pretty silver bird napkin rings that are part of my shopping spree at HomeGoods thanks to The Tablescaper.  Yes, I am still enjoying that gift card.  I tend to savor my blessings when they arrive.  I am on the look out for something in particular, which I hope to find soon.  These are part of the "fauna".


I recently bought six of these pink Depression Jeanette glasses on EBay.  They are also known as Chantilly.

The round place mats I got at BBB (cheaper actually at Christmas Tree) in variegated shades of green and white dinner plates are just plain old Pfaltzgraff Basket Weave.  Flatware from CTS.

Little birdies are from Michael's, 60% off of $2.99 price.  Colors work so I couldn't resist.  Silk hydrangeas from either Michael's or A.C. Moore. 

My beloved little Bambi (yes, I still cry when he gets lost in the woods) from a Disney vacation back in 1985.  Perfect fauna element.

This little hand blown pitcher was bought on a trip to Jamestown, Virginia in the summer of 1965.  I never could make myself remove the sticker.  My mother and I watched the man, dressed in period clothing, make this for us.  Wish it was bigger.

I will be partying with some of the lovely hostesses you will see on the sidebar, as well as Tablescape Thursday and Green Day and Raindrops and Daisies.

Thanks for stopping by, apologies for not being able to do proper editing, I am getting there but not quite yet.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What have I been up to....

It has been an interesting week.  Computer died a slow painful death last Tuesday, and on my birthday no less.  Had plans for a fun-filled day, which had to be cut as I spent most of it in the electronics store Best Buy.  My best friend and I managed to see a movie (Hope Springs) and have a nice dinner.  I also was able to be up and running by 10 PM that night.

All week I am getting accustomed to it, but I am finding it very difficult to navigate without a mouse.  It is a Sony Vaio, I am wondering if I can purchase a wireless mouse for it?  Working on photos is impossible, so I am apologizing in advance, I could not crop to save my life.

The worst part is that I lost all my photos (over 1500 of them) as the 'mother board' is deader than dead.  I had photos of things I did over the summer that were getting ready to go into posts and they are lost.  And I cannot recreate them.  My fault for thinking that Kodak would have my back.  They were recently taken over by Shutterfly, and said they could not find me or my photos in their database.  I think I may find them in Picasa, though, have to check that out.

Some good things that made me very happy recently:

I was featured for the second time on Miz Helen's blog, Miz Helen's Country Cottage .  It was my Melon Chillers drink.  Thank you, Miz Helen, always an honor.  

My friend Kathleen J. surprised me custom wrapping paper that she had made from one of my photos.  It is one of the photos in my header.

Contents to be shared at a later date!

Kathy had it made at Ritz Camera in Florida.  Thanks again, girlfriend!

I also won a surprise giveaway from Vee at A Haven for Vee.  I received a fun package with things that Vee picked just for me, after she went through my blog posts to see what I liked. 

Mug mat sewn by Vee with fall colors, cupcake liners that match the colors, a pretty green mug (love the shade and do love my coffee!) and delicious maple cookies.  I had never tasted these before, they are good.

Also included were three lovely note cards with photos taken by bloggers.

Sunset by Sheila
Tree Trunk by Lorrie

Swan by Becky 
And a sweet magnetic note pad and a sweeter note from Vee.

And before it is really to late to share summer decor, I snapped a couple of photos of centerpieces I had out on my table.

I was starting to put things away and took a quick photo.  The dish is Depression glass and has been in my home forever.  Glass stones and pebbles from $ Tree, coral from Christmas Tree Shop and surfing snowman from Lenox.

My glass terrarium is filled with white sand from $ Tree and shells and blue and green glass stones also from $ Tree, starfish are from Christmas Tree Shop.  I am thinking this will take up residence in one of the bathrooms.

Typing this was a little taxing, I hope I will get used to it soon. I am an old doggie so new tricks don't come easy for me.  

So, what's happening by you?


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Note Card Party #6

These months have certainly flown, since Vee hosted her first Monthly Note Card Party in March.  On the third Wednesday of each month, you can link up any four photos previously shown on your blog.  It is always a pleasure to stop by and see the selection.

Here are my August choices

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

There's always room for more 

So where are the bees today?

Alice Austen House, Staten Island, NY

Soon photos will be filled with warm autumn colors and pumpkins and leaves,  can't wait!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Sunday!

I just love this little wrought iron bistro set.  I could sit here and read, dream, or chat with a friend,  for hours.  

Unfortunately it is part of the park at Alice Austen Museum, not my own yard!  But thinking about it makes me happy.  

Hoping you find happiness in an unexpected place today.


Monday, August 6, 2012

It's friendship 'week'

At least here at Two Birdies and a B., it is!  

The first Sunday in August is Friendship Day.  I don't think just one day is enough to celebrate all the beautiful things that friends bring to our lives.  

After I read today's post at Barb's blog, The Everyday Home, where Barb's top five traffic sources and top five commenters were highlighted, I decided this was something I wanted to do here.  With Barb's 'blessing', here is my Top 6:

The Tablescaper

I get the most traffic from Alma's weekly link party, Seasonal Sundays.  It keeps me motivated and inspired.

Cozy Little House

Funny thing is, Brenda just recently (last week in fact) started a linky party.  I have been tardy getting to this party, yet Brenda's blog brings me traffic.

Cuisine Kathleen

Kathleen hosts Let's Dish every Wednesday, and once again, even before K started this party, I was getting lots of traffic from her blog.  I wish I had more dishes so I could party more often.

Orchid's Daily Voice

Sweet Orchid (Miyako), one of my first dozen followers.  She shares her lovely Japanese traditions with us.  If she doesn't hear from me, she will email to make sure I am OK!

Stone Gable

One of my favorite resources for recipes and menu planning.  My most viewed blog post was from traffic sent my way from Yvonne's blog.  

A Haven for Vee

Vee hosts a monthly linky party where you select four photos from those that were previously posted that would make a nice set of note cards.  I have seen many fabulous photos and met some lovely ladies who have stopped by.

Thank you Alma, Brenda, Kathleen, Miyako, Yvonne and Vee.  

I really have so many blogging friends who always comment on every post, I couldn't narrow it down to a handful.  I appreciate all of you.  You are what make this experience fun and worthwhile. I have learned so many things, and you have restored my faith in this world.  

I am so glad our paths have crossed.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Midsummer Day's Thoughts


Apologies for the slightly racy photo at the end of the post ;-)

Summer is halfway done.....some of us are happy, some of us are not.  Just a matter of seasonal taste.

Time to reap the rewards of all the hard gardening work, or to enjoy the bounty at farm stands or in the stores


When I was a child, I had such mixed feelings about the month.  It meant the first day of school was fast approaching.  But mid-month was my birthday.


Still having those mixed emotions, but for a different reason!


August Events
National Back To School Month 
National Psoriasis Awareness Month 
National Investors Month 
Admit You're Happy Month 
Women's Small Business Month 
National Sandwich Month
National Catfish Month
Panini Month
Happiness Happens Month
Inventor�s Month. 
August is the holiday month for many workers in Europe

and my favorite August event, 


a blue moon on August 31st!
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