Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What have I been up to....

It has been an interesting week.  Computer died a slow painful death last Tuesday, and on my birthday no less.  Had plans for a fun-filled day, which had to be cut as I spent most of it in the electronics store Best Buy.  My best friend and I managed to see a movie (Hope Springs) and have a nice dinner.  I also was able to be up and running by 10 PM that night.

All week I am getting accustomed to it, but I am finding it very difficult to navigate without a mouse.  It is a Sony Vaio, I am wondering if I can purchase a wireless mouse for it?  Working on photos is impossible, so I am apologizing in advance, I could not crop to save my life.

The worst part is that I lost all my photos (over 1500 of them) as the 'mother board' is deader than dead.  I had photos of things I did over the summer that were getting ready to go into posts and they are lost.  And I cannot recreate them.  My fault for thinking that Kodak would have my back.  They were recently taken over by Shutterfly, and said they could not find me or my photos in their database.  I think I may find them in Picasa, though, have to check that out.

Some good things that made me very happy recently:

I was featured for the second time on Miz Helen's blog, Miz Helen's Country Cottage .  It was my Melon Chillers drink.  Thank you, Miz Helen, always an honor.  

My friend Kathleen J. surprised me custom wrapping paper that she had made from one of my photos.  It is one of the photos in my header.

Contents to be shared at a later date!

Kathy had it made at Ritz Camera in Florida.  Thanks again, girlfriend!

I also won a surprise giveaway from Vee at A Haven for Vee.  I received a fun package with things that Vee picked just for me, after she went through my blog posts to see what I liked. 

Mug mat sewn by Vee with fall colors, cupcake liners that match the colors, a pretty green mug (love the shade and do love my coffee!) and delicious maple cookies.  I had never tasted these before, they are good.

Also included were three lovely note cards with photos taken by bloggers.

Sunset by Sheila
Tree Trunk by Lorrie

Swan by Becky 
And a sweet magnetic note pad and a sweeter note from Vee.

And before it is really to late to share summer decor, I snapped a couple of photos of centerpieces I had out on my table.

I was starting to put things away and took a quick photo.  The dish is Depression glass and has been in my home forever.  Glass stones and pebbles from $ Tree, coral from Christmas Tree Shop and surfing snowman from Lenox.

My glass terrarium is filled with white sand from $ Tree and shells and blue and green glass stones also from $ Tree, starfish are from Christmas Tree Shop.  I am thinking this will take up residence in one of the bathrooms.

Typing this was a little taxing, I hope I will get used to it soon. I am an old doggie so new tricks don't come easy for me.  

So, what's happening by you?



  1. Love your post and love yo win in the giveaways really nice.
    Oh Dear Im ok now but I was sick (I feeling better) I post a new recipe for SRC in my blog but really I dont know if you see. Was a busy week too but we are ok:)

  2. Dear Barbara, how many things happened in your last days! I'm sorry for the bad but i' m happy for the good things. The giveaway you won is very nice. I'm ok but Milan is very hot now...i' m dreaming the winter!

  3. Aw, man....SO sorry to hear about your computer crash and the loss of all those priceless photos! That really bites!!! I hope you're able to recover the photos on Picasa!!! I know I would just lose my mind if I lost everything that's currently on my computer!!! Just to be sure, I keep the little camera chips and store them rather than erasing and reusing them. I have TWO backup hard drives, AND I put everything on Picasa. Am I paranoid, or what??!?!! I lost everything several years ago when my computer crashed, and I've been super anal ever since! I am glad you were at least able to enjoy your birthday later in the day with dinner and a movie. I really want to see "Hope Springs", too. The trailers are pretty good. Good luck on acclimating to your new computer!

  4. Sorry about the computer problems. Is it a laptop that died? Write me a note..

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry you lost your computer and photos, Barbara! It happened to me once, long ago and after that I have always made sure to have an external back up hard drive so I can recover my photos if my computer dies.

    The wrapping paper Kathleen made from your photo was such a nice idea and came out so beautiful!

    Vee's give away is so sweet amd perfect for you.

    Happy belated birthday! Hope many more good things come your way this year! ♥

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!! I'm so mad at myself that I forgot, Barbara, as we had e-mailed about this, and your birthday is the day after our son's. I'm so sorry your computer died; that's a big enough hassle. But to lose your pics as well; that happened to us last year, but we were able to retrieve them, eventually. I know that doesn't help you right now with your posts, but I do hope you get them back. Our pictures are important to us, as they chronicle special events in our lives.

    So glad you got to see "Hope Springs." My good friend saw that last week, too; she said it was really good. I'd love to see it.

    Congratulations on another birthday and all your special gifts!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  7. Oh I understand the sense of loss with all those photos gone. It is the reason why I am having more of my photos printed.

    Becky lives at Hospitality Lane. =D

    Hope that you find a mouse that works well for you. Stay cool now...

  8. Lovin' your pretty new mug mat and the cupcake liners are cute! So sorry to hear about your computer and even more so that you lost the pics-very frustrating! I'm sure you'll get used to your new 'puter soon and Happy B-Day:@)

  9. Your computer going out on your birthday was not a nice gift, but it sounds like you had a wonderful day in spite of. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I bet Picasa will have your pictures for you...sure hope so anyway.
    I LOVED seeing all the goodies you got...what a neat idea your friend had to print your picture on the gift wrap. That made the gift so personal!!!
    Take care and enjoy your new computer... When we got our laptop I had to get a wireless mouse. This dog is definitely to old for new tricks. HA!

  10. Hi Barbara,
    Happy Birthday Barbara!!! We are both August babies. Mine was just a few days before yours.

    Picasa will still have your pictures!

    Sorry to hear about your computer.

    I enjoyed seeing your great gifts.

    Those are very cute centerpieces. Oh how I adore summer decor. I love going to the Christmas Tree Shop.


  11. So sorry about your computer! I am the least technical person ever so I totally understand your plight. Hopefully, it will all fall into place soon.

    Beautiful gifts!


  12. Computer troubles can be so annoying! I'm glad you are up & running now though.
    Congrats on winning the giveaway. Enjoy all your birthday goodies!

  13. Not a whole lot going on here. When I take pics, I always immediately download them to my computer. But that wouldn't help you. I'm suggesting you get one of those thingies that you hook to your computer and it backs it up. I need to do the same. Another thing I've been doing while I'm laid up and can't get out to take pics: Go through your blog, Save photos you like and crop them. A whole new photo! You should be able to get a wireless mouse. I use one with my desktop computer.

  14. Oh, so sorry about the computer problems and the loss of your photos!

    Sweet gifts to cheer you!

  15. Dearest Barbara,
    I was thinking about sending a mail concerning your PC broke down! I REALLY am sorry about your precious pictures, my friend.
    I hope PICASA can be the help for you☆☆☆ I have seen the model you bought in the store. My new one I ordered (haven't got it yet) is TOSHIBA. The model's mouse is wireless. Don't you have the mouse with the package?

    Yey, you have wonderful friends, haha"Contents to be shared at a later date!". Love the giveaway winning gift you recieved♡♡♡

    So LOVELY to see your summer decor; made me really feel cool this morning(*^_^*)
    I hope yu can get used to your new pc soon!!! What a mixture of things happened to you; well that would be life, hehe.
    Hope you have a lovely rest of the week♬♬♬

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dear American friend, xoxo Miyako*

  16. congrats on your win.
    my sons computer completely died yesterday. the techs at the apple store said they cannot fix it for under $700...didn't even cost that much in the first place. computer problems definitely stink!

  17. Hi Barbara and I'm so sorry to hear your puter died and lost your snaps! I hope you can find them. Congratulations on all of your gifts and your snaps are always lovely!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,

  18. So sorry to hear about your computer and loss of photos. Not a nice birthday present. We recently replaced our laptop due to a dead mother board on previous laptop. The guy at Best Buy was able to save all photos. I store mine in Picasa, so I'm hoping you will be able to retrieve yours there. We also have a wireless mouse. I can't get used to the mouse right on the computer either.
    So glad to see some nice surprises came your way. That wrapping paper is too cute. Vee's gift is so thoughtful and fun. That mug mat is really pretty.

  19. So sorry about your photos. Picassa may have captured some of them. I have a new computer too, and I liked my old (7 year old) one better...go figure. The wrapping paper is fab -- never heard of that before. A belated birthday shout out. Joni

  20. How very clever to make wrapping paper from a favorite photo. I love this idea!

  21. Sorry about your computer, they can be so frustrating to deal with! Happy B-Day! Love your surprises and Love those Dare Maple cookies, now I am craving them!

  22. Hi, thanks for your visit. Sorry about your computer and I sure ope you can get the photos back! I use Picsa and have never had any troubles. Love your post today...keep having fun! ;)

  23. Happy belated Birthday, B!
    Sorry about your computer! Mine is on its last legs, and after much hand wringing, and price shopping, I bought one Mon night. I got a Dell, all in one. We will see!
    Good luck with yours!
    I am not ready for Fall, it lasts till Dec., so I am not rushing. Beautiful beach day today!

  24. Ugh - Technology can be such a bummer, huh? Sorry to hear about your pics. I once lost a whole month of pictures and it was from when one of my daughters was 1 month old and my hubby and oldest got baptized. I was seriously bummed.

    Hope you enjoy the new computer though!

  25. I am so sorry about your computer, what a big big bummer - all those pictures! YIKES, that would put me over the edge. We have a system called "carbonite" which is an online backup storage - check it out!! Happy Belated Birthday too!! Fun to hear what you have been up too. Take care.

  26. Too bad about your computer, Barbara. I am not good without a mouse- I feel as if I don't have any control. By all means, go out and buy one for your new laptop. It makes things so much easier. Hope you can recover your photos. You may want to check out Carbonite- a service that backs up everything on your computer. Happy belated B-day wishes! ~ Sue

  27. Hi Barbara

    What a nuisance about your photos that is terrible.

    I love the ebay buys in your latest post and also the great things that your friend Vee sent to you. All lovely.

    I hope that you are well, I am sorry that I haven't visited you this week but I have been so busy at home that I haven't had time to blog or comment.

    It is cold here this evening so I have the central heating on
    and am going to have a cup of tea to warm myself up!

    Thanks for linking up today Barbara.

    Hopefully I will get more organised next week x

  28. Barbara, I have been by here twice and got pulled away each time.
    I am so sorry your computer died. I too, hope you can find your pictures on Picasa.
    Congrats on the Features on Miz Hulen's blog.
    You are so deserving, Please have a grand weekend.
    Blessings, Ginger

  29. Hi Barbara, So sorry about your computer. I sure hope your photos can be recovered! I know you can use a mouse with a laptop - you can plug into the usb port - probably can use a wireless one as well. Love the bowls with the pebbles and sand and shells/starfish. Lovely decor! Neat giveaway win too, Barbara. Best wishes, Beth


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