Monday, September 10, 2012


As a college student, I worked one summer on the 23rd floor of one of the towers at the WTC.  My father, who was a NYC fireman, always warned me to never work on a floor higher than the 10th.  "No way to rescue people that high up", he would say.

I had thought of going back to work in Manhattan, and definitely wanted to be "downtown".  I retired instead.

The price we pay for freedom is well spent.


All photos are from Pinterest and can be found on my board entitled Patriotic


  1. Beautiful tribute, Barbara. May we never forget.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. Dearest Barbara,
    Oh, September 11th!!! I clearly remember the day; when I came downstairs to the kitchen after teaching job that night, I thought my husband was watching the movie not the news show☆☆☆
    A day we never forget!!!
    Your father was a fireman, I am sure he is a brave person. And know the danger of the skyscrapers.
    Just a bit happy to know about you more♪
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  3. I've been watching 9/11 remembrance programs on TV...I hope and pray that every single human being in the world pays tribute and honor tomorrow..I know we are,thanks for sharing this today...I am sad,and have prayers is that~WE REMEMBER ALL THAT LOST THEIR LOVED ONES THAT DAY~
    Thank you!!
    Me and my husband boarded our flight at BWI to fly to NewYork that morning and our flight was grounded along with every plane in AMERICA,my husband will NOT fly to this very day!!! was a terrible day and we were right in the middle of thoughts and prayers are with every one that lost family/freinds and loved ones..I'm going to post a blog this evening and not blog tomorrow in respect.

  4. Your father was wise- it only makes sense. Such a sad sad event. I never imagined I'd never be able to see these buildings- I always thought I'd get a chance to visit them. I've never been to New York- I'm overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people there and my husband thinks I'll have trouble coping with it. I'm going to get there! Thank goodness the Statue of Liberty is still standing and there to remind us of our freedom.

  5. I will never forget that morning. I was in a classroom with about 28 high school students ... and we watched in shock together, as events unfolded. No, freedom definitely isn't free. I so appreciate those who give of themselves in public service. :)

  6. Yes, so true. Interesting what your father said about working on floors that high. I don't imagine that you ever gave it a lot of thought.

    Beautiful photographs...

  7. Definitely a day I will never, ever forget. God Bless America!

  8. Questa atroce data resterà sempre impressa nei ricordi in ogni parte del mondo!Baci,Rosetta

  9. I had just finished my post for tomorrow when I can to your's. I hope everyone remembers to pause for a moment tomorrow to give thanks and remember all that were lost. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  10. A wonderful tribute. My son has found many caches of weapons (enormous amounts) on his deployment and when I asked him if gets some sort of commendation, he said "knowing that it saved American lives is enough".

  11. Lovely post Barbara.

    Those lost will never be forgotten.

    Take care


  12. well said. Forever in our hearts, gratitude until the end.
    I love being American.


  13. Dear Brabara, i will never forget it!!!Americaa is in my heart.

  14. What a wonderful tribute, Barbara! We will not forget.

  15. Wise words from your father. A very somber day to remember indeed.

  16. Beutiful pictures and words. I'm thankfull and blessed to be an american. I was just talking about that with hubby today.

  17. Beautiful tribute Barbara. We shall never forget the lives that were lost and the survivors.

  18. What a wonderful tribute and a price well spent indeed.

  19. I will never forgot. My husband's friend's daughter was killed. So sad for all that lost loved ones.


  20. lovely post. How can it be 11 years already. it is still fresh in my heart. We will never forget. xo

  21. Barbara F.,
    What a good post. To me it doesn't seem as though eleven years has passed. I can recall the morning very vividly and the sick feeling I felt when I saw it on the TV.
    It still sickens me today.
    I didn't know your father was a fireman.

  22. Such a beautiful tribute, Barbara. Your father was a wise man.
    I pray we will never forget. Sometimes I wonder.
    God is good though. Blessings, Ginger

  23. Love this peak into your history and your heart. A beautiful tribute!

  24. A sweet tribute for a national day of remembrance! I hope we never stop remembering….Thanks Barbara for sharing.

    The French Hutch

  25. I worked in that building after college - as did many of my friends. I remember.

  26. I just read a series of fictional books by Chris Stewart on nuclear war started by a Middle Eastern Prince that shuts the USA down. It was terrifying but too realistic if we watch the news. My daughter couldn't read it as it gave her nightmares (the end is good though). He makes the comment in there that so many of our military people are willing to risk their lives everyday for someone else's freedom. That brings tears to my eyes. God bless our country and our military personnel.

  27. Your account about working at WTC is a little spooky.....
    This is a spiritual battle...

  28. Beautiful tribute, Barbara!

    My husband worked in the WTC building 7-directly across ftom Tower One. It was the last building to collapse that sad day.

  29. Lovely, Barbara.

    I still, and always will, get tears and a big lump in my throat when I think of that day. I will never forget what I was doing when that first plane hit. None of us will.

  30. This was a lovely post and tribute. Thank you for your words and reminder. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  31. It makes sense what your dad said, and I'm glad when you were there that you didn't have to worry about the floor you were on. I wish I could say that about everyone affected by 9/11. I recall at the time talking to online friends who lived there who were affected on a daily basis since they saw the "after" for far too long and knew family or friends who worked at the towers.

    I remember that day because my Mom and I were getting ready to restock a store I was selling at. As I was getting ready to go, she told me she was unsure if we should because of what she saw on tv. Then we both watched the replays of what happened.

    We did end up leaving and the store was virtually empty. The store manager said it had been that way all day and they were thinking of closing early.

    It's really a shame that so many years after the fact so many people all over the world are still dealing with this kind of violence.

  32. Such gorgeous pictures and lovely writing, Barbara. I think firemen are so brave. Your father's comment is interesting--I don't know how many people know that as they travel up into the skyscrapers. I used to work in tower 2 and my husband in tower 1--both well above the 10th floor. When we had fire "drills" we just went into the hallways and waited to go back into our offices. We were told we would go to the roof if there was a fire and helicopters would take us if necessary. Sounds ridiculous now, but of course we just assumed nothing would ever happen. Living in NY, you can't really think about these things. I saw the tower lit up last weekend as we drove down the NJ turnpike to Newark Liberty, and the two beams of light projected into the sky where the towers stood. They never fail to evoke a powerful emotion in me. Linda


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