Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Nice Fall Day

It's no secret, I LOVE  fall.  I wish it would last six months.  But there is a time for every season, so I just make sure I get my fall fix to last me through the cold, snowy winter.

Celebrating my friend Addie's birthday last week (it's tomorrow, the  25th), we spent a day together savoring the season.   We stopped at Melick's in Oldwick, New Jersey

A pause that refreshes

We drove down a bit further and discovered this little gem in Pittstown, New Jersey

An old barn on the property

Interesting  old tool collection 

These have to be the last of the tomatoes!  Of course, I had to buy some

Thinking ahead for Christmas baking.  Need this for my family tradition of struffoli (honey balls).  This is made from wild flowers, I have only tasted clover honey.  

Then we met the 'lady' of the farm

Don't know her name

Egg on her face?  Nah, just some pumpkin

Had her eye on us the whole time

We went for  a birthday lunch/early dinner at Cracker Barrel.  We both had the Sampler, and Addie had a pumpkin custard topped with a gingersnap for dessert.  

I do love fall!

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  1. What a perfect lovely day, Barbara..
    I would have loved it all...
    Happy belated Birthday to Addie.. smile..
    God bless my friend..

  2. Hello Barbara:
    We know what you mean when you say that Autumn has to be savoured in all its delights in order that one is fully prepared for winter. And, what wonderful treats you had on your friend's birthday. You do live in such a wonderful part of the country and the colours all around are delicious. Make the most of it all whilst it lasts!!!

  3. Hi Barbara,

    I enjoyed seeing your fall pictures at the farm. Oh how I love apple cider and wild flowers honey.
    The cow is the cutest! She seemed to like having her picture taking.


  4. Since today is a family member's birthday, I'm hoping that it's NOT Addie's. =)

    What a lovely drive you took making all those terrific autumn stops. I feel as if I was along. (I just read somewhere that I can smash open the pumpkins when I'm done with them and leave them for the birds and squirrels and such. Think that I will.)

  5. Barbara, what a lovely, fun day y'all had!!! Just the perfect way to celebrate a fall birthday, if I do say so! LOL!!! :)

  6. Can't express it enough,I love this,I could stay all day!

  7. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you for your visit :)
    I have never heard of struffoli I bet they are really good! My cousins raise bees and make their own honey, it is so pure and the color is beautiful, needles to say its so yummy. I know you are going to enjoy the wild flower honey.
    What a wonderful time you had at the Southern Bloggers Conference. I love the Two Old Birds signs..LOL.
    We were going to have one and then a few of our ladies were taken ill so it was called off. I hope we can try of another one soon.
    I have enjoyed my visit and look forward to visiting again.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  8. Fall is such a fun time of year! Celebrating the bounty of the earth!
    love the 'lady of the farm'

  9. Oh, my! What wonderful stops you made along the way! Cracker Barrel is a very popular place around here.

  10. That is exactly the kind of day I love to spend in the fall, right on down to the apple cider. I love fall and wish it could last six months too!

    And I have named her Pumpkin. That's a good name, right?

  11. It looks like it was a picture perfect day, Barbara! I love these sort of places, they put me in a festive mood...and I agree, fall should be a lot longer!

    The honey balls sound interesting. Will you be sharing the recipe?


  12. Oh I agree, fall is such a beautiful time of year. What a wonderful day you had, thanks for sharing your photos!

  13. What a perfect day! I just wish I could freeze these days to hold onto them longer.

  14. I sounds like the perfect day! I know she enjoyed her birthday outing! And it sure is the best season for goodies! Hugs!

  15. Dear Barbara, your photos are wonderful and they show how much you love Fall! I love the colours of Fall and the atmosphere of it. You spent a funny and lovely day for your friend' s birthday.

  16. Great photos of a great day! Everything about Fall makes me happy.

  17. I've just returned from a day in the country with my friend. It was fun to see what you and your friend did on your day out. Looks like a great way to spend a fall day and your early dinner is making me hungry.

  18. What a pretty tour! I like doing things like that too. And I love looking in Cracker Barrel's shop too.

  19. Looks like you had a fun fall day! Nothing better than cold apple cider samples and I love those fuzzy ears:@)

  20. O, I know ya'll had a great time.
    I so love the fall and I also LOVE Cracker Barrel....:)))

  21. Dearest Barbara,
    Happy belated birthday for your friend♡♡♡ And how lovely to have that kind of lady day(^_^)彡☆ And the lady of the farm is SO cute, haha she must ave had an interest in you two; and you are wonderful photographer.
    Your lunch also looks really delectable(♥˘◡˘♥)
    I hope you have a nice rest of the week.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  22. Barbara, your outing for your friend's birthday looked like so much fun. Fall is such a wonderful time of the year when we can get outdoors and enjoy all that it has to offer. And the pumpkin custard from Cracker Barrel looks divine!

  23. Perfect day with your friend. I love fall too! Beautiful photos.


  24. Sad to say that we don't experience fall in this part of my world. But I am able to view it and enjoy it in a way through your posts. I think I'm gonna love this season too!

    By the way, I would like to get to know you more through your posts. Would you like us to follow each other?

  25. NJ has some wonderful farms and taking an autumn trip to one is so pretty, Barbara! My daughter and I love to go to Cracker barrel wehnever we see one as we love their stores!

  26. I'd vote with you for a six-month fall! But it looks like you're getting in some fun fall activities! What an enticing farm market you visited...and Cracker Barrel is always good!

  27. I just love this fall post! :) A bit of everything..perfect!

  28. Thanks for taking me along on your fall tour. So want a taste of that dessert.

  29. You have captured some of the very best of fall!
    Love the moo shots!
    And who could resist Cracker Barrel - yum!

  30. This looks like the perfect way to spend a lovely fall day.

    Thanks so much for sharing with YSB this week.

  31. My dear
    You had a wonderful day with your friend !My best wishes to her !
    Lovely photos !

  32. These are great shots from the farm market!

  33. Fall is a favorite for me, too. You got some great pictures depicting fall. Love the pumpkins and squash photo.

  34. Love all the Fall photos. The orchard is a wonderful place to visit for fresh fruit and veggies as well as mums. I will sure miss the fresh tomatoes, we ate our last garden fresh ones last night.
    Happy Sunday!

  35. Lovely photos you have taken. Autumn is a lovely time with lots of colors and all varieties of apples feels like a luxury. I have received a lot of apples of my siblings who has many old apple trees. It's a great trip. Bless you! Zinnia

  36. A perfect day! Thank you for sharing your Autumn beauty with us at YSB this week. :)

  37. What a perfect way to spend a lovely fall day! I think that I've enjoyed this fall more than any other. I usually don't like fall because I know that it means winter is coming, but for some reason this year has been different. Maybe it's because it was SO hot here for SO long.

  38. My kind of day! Love all your pictures! The cow was probably waiting for you to feed her a treat!
    I love Cracker Barrel- we live to close to one and go there a lot! I'll have to check out your Struffoli- as I bought a large jar of honey myself this year at the Farmer's Market. Thanks for sharing your day! Happy 25th to Addie- that's the same age as my daughter!

  39. Barbara, you and I are of the same mind; I LOVE fall and wish it would last longer. This looks like a perfect day for a birthday celebration. I love all your pics; the mums in the first image are gorgeous. However, I have to say the cow pictures are my favorite -- You know I do love cows. :D

    Have a wonderful week and be safe.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  40. Barbara~ I wish fall would last 6 months too! It looks like a fun day and I love the lady of the farm, complete with pumpkin on her face :)

    I hope you stay safe and hopefully warm & dry! I've been watching the coverage on the weather channel which is terrifying.

  41. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful fall photos on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Happy Halloween!


  42. Hello! I’m stopping in to invite you to join us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick


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