Sunday, October 7, 2012

A warm October

Original plans had to be postponed for Saturday as my friend was not feeling well.  I was already in pumpkin mode so I went to check out the green market at the mall.

There were a few small pumpkins still covered in dirt but no gourds or bales of hay.  Very nice looking produce, though

Getting in touch with your roots (veggies, that is)

radish, carrots and beets
Heirloom tomatoes, the last to be picked

Not sure where this honey is from, sign says "local".  To help alleviate seasonal allergies, you should eat some local honey often

Composting as well as recycling is very much encouraged here.
Then free mulch is distributed in the spring.  I was surprised to learn that in addition to fruit and veggie scraps, non-greasy food scraps such as pasta, rice, bread, cereal, nut shells and tea bags make excellent compost.  

I then made a quick trip to Dearborn Farms in Holmdel, New Jersey.  Saw some fall color

This might not have been the smartest move, but I stopped my car just to grab a photo of the Canadian geese scooting under a fence

Plenty of pretty

 and eye-catching displays.

Their market is awesome, but I shopped outside :)

My next post will feature what I purchased .  Hope you are having a nice Sunday.  It is raining today, and a bit cooler.  Yesterday it was 75 degrees, Friday it reached 80.  

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  1. Very charming...I can't believe the mountains of carrots and beets! If I find some beets, I'm going to get them for John. He loves'em; I hate'em. Cute photo of the geese and pretty wise to pull off instead of into the other lane as people have accused me of doing! =D

  2. Oh why didn't you call? I would have gladly gone with you! Oh, how I love these types of markets, and we just don't have this here :(

  3. Che bel mercato!Quanta verdura!Che belle le zucche!Bacioni,Rosetta

  4. Sounds like a fun day. Ever so often, I'll take off by myself and sometimes it's kinda nice. Just doing what you want when you want to. Beautiful scenery.


  5. what lovely market I love to buy in these markets the vegies and fruits look really nice!

  6. I love wandering around the market stalls of a good farmers market. Happy Sunny Sunday!

  7. Oh...what lovely market!!And how many vegetables!!I love them. You showed beautiful photos. I'm looking forward to seeing your shopping.

  8. Beautiful post, Barbara!! I just LOVE fall! This looks like a fun day out, and you got some great pictures.

    Have a wonderful day! It's cool and rainy here, too. I've got chili cooking in the Crockpot. :)


    Denise at Forest Manor

  9. I would sure spend too much money here,I love me a farmers market!

  10. That looks like a fun day. The vegetables all look so tempting. I adore the heirloom tomatoes. I planted one plant this year. The tomatoes didn't get very big and all cracked before I picked them, but I'm eating them anyhow.
    I'm anxious to see what you bought.

  11. Looks like you enjoyed this weekend and the nice weather. It's chilly here today.

  12. Great fall pictures. I was warm until last night, and now I am definitely in socks and long pants. Summer seemed to slip away in a few hours.

  13. I like visiting farmers' markets and enjoy all of the fresh produce.

  14. This looks like a wonderful market! The heirloom tomatoes really catch my eye.:)

    We have our own compost bin, but we only put fruit and vegetable scraps and tea bags in it. Oh, and egg shells that we rinse out well. It really makes a difference in our garden.

  15. Those beets really caught my eye, man I'd love to steam some up! Rainy and cool here too, I actually lit a small fire for the first time just to take the dampness out. Have a great week:@)

  16. Wow, look at all those radishes, carrots and beets! If I stacked veggies like that, they would come tumbling down ;o)

  17. Hi Barbara,

    It sure does look like a fun day! It's so true about the honey. It really dos help with allergies.


  18. What a lovely fall day. Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  19. This is a great market!

  20. Barbara Thanks for taking me to the market.... Lovely.

  21. What lovely weather you're still having on the east coast. It's been chilly here in the Midwest lately. Too cold for me to visit the farmers' market last Saturday.

    Pretty displays!

  22. What an amazing market, Barbara! Would love to have something like this here.

  23. What a fun day, Barbara! Your pics show the fabulous colors of the season.

  24. My favorite kind of day Barbara! I would have bought lots of those amazing fresh veggies at the market. All the tomatoes would have come home with me for sure, I have to admit I'm a tomato junkie! Jim would have gone for the honey, he has it every morning for breakfast on his oatmeal. It solved his allergy problem, I kid you not! Beautiful fall displays to enjoy. Can't wait to see what you brought home.......

    The French Hutch

  25. Dearest Barbara,
    OMG, I must have missed this lovely post of fun day, my friend☆☆☆
    I was surprised the big amount of veggies in the green market at the mall♬♬♬ Haha, pumpkin mode, are you(*^_^*) Yes, what an eye catching display(^_^)v  I loved to have the glimpse of your fun shopping day.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  26. Barbara:

    What a wonderful visit!

    Great to have you be part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  27. Oh!!! I tell you what -- you come spend a weekend with me at Tate Farms and whatnot, and then I'll come hang out with you!! LOL!! :)


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