Friday, October 19, 2012

Blogging friends are the Best

A quick post today because I want to share the lovely surprise I received just a few minutes ago.  I was chatting on the phone when the UPS man rang my bell.  

I saw the return address and smiled........

Inside were six lovely tassel napkin rings from Alma, The Tablescaper!  

Perfect for my Thanksgiving table

Alma had asked a question in one of her posts, asking who would be hosting the dinner in their home this year.  I wrote back that I would be, just a small group of six.

Thanks so much, Alma.  It is raining hard, had to cancel plans for today, and your thoughtful package brightened the day for me.

I am thankful for the wonderful things I am experiencing, and the great people I am meeting, since I started a blog.  (And the sweet gifts!)


(P. S.  I should have my SBC post out in a day or two!) 


  1. What a lovely surprise Barbara.


    x Fiona

  2. I think is a really lovly surprise Barbara!

  3. I had a sweet card in the mail yesterday and a package in the mail today. Blogging buddies are very present somehow. I'm sure that I don't know how to explain this very well. Wonderful napkin festive and perfect for Thanksgiving.

  4. What a lovely gift! I have always been crazy for tassels!

  5. Barbara:

    I'm so glad you like them. Blogging can be a fun little world!

    - The Tablescaper

  6. How many lovely gifts! You got a wonderful surprise!!
    Have a " pink" week end.

  7. What a thoughtful surprise!! I think the blogging community has to be some of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. I was in awe when Brenda fell that so many of you were so kind and made her days so much brighter. I thank you all for that.

    I think I'm into a bunch of really wonderful people!!


  8. Hello!! I have read your comments on other blogs I follow and thought I would drop by to say Hi!
    The World of Blog is HUGE and small at the same time.
    LOVE your beautiful and elegant napkin rings!!

  9. What a wonderful surprise from Alma! They couldn't be more perfect. You will really enjoy them.

    I agree with you. The old witches must have a ton of Botox. Their faces just don't move at all. Ha ha!

  10. What a nice surprise on a rainy day! The napkin rings are very pretty, I'm sure you'll have fun setting the table with them-enjoy:@)

  11. Little surprises on a rainy day is so lovely.. I love good mail.. smile..
    Blessings my friend..

  12. That is a wonderful surprise and very pretty napkin rings to use for Thanksgiving, Barbara!

    I can't wait to make a big Thanksgiving dinner for my family again ..but I'm going to have to wait until next year.

  13. Dearest Barbara,
    Oh, how special and gorgeous your new napkin rings are♡♡♡ Really thoughtful of your friend is♬♬♬
    They sure look wonderful and perfect for your "Thanksgiving Table" (*^_^*)

    Yes, I am so thankful to be able to meet you as well, my friend. Lookig forward to read your SBC post!

    The day before yesterday we had a bit of rain, but it has been kind of dry for Oct. (^^;)

    I hope you are having wonderful weekend.
    Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  14. Now that's the kind of surprise I'd love to get. I don't have anything even remotely like that here. Love it!

  15. I remember seeing your comment, so glad she sent them!

  16. Hi Barbara, Your tassels are beautiful! I've seen tassels used for a lot of different decorative purposes in blogland. Blogland helps me with my decorating! And cooking too! lol and hugs,Beth

  17. They're beautiful! I agree about blogging friends ;)


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