Monday, October 22, 2012

Southern Bloggers Conference, Part II

Sunday morning, the 14th, was sunny and bright, high 70's.  A group of 25 SoBC attendees assembled in the hotel lobby, and off we went to a delicious brunch at Nofo at the Pig, an eclectic gift shop and restaurant in a former Piggly Wiggly supermarket.  

There was an adorable "chef's garden" at the entrance.  A shopping-cart-turned-planter was filled with huge ferns.

There was eye candy everywhere in this place.  A colorful chandelier made with beads.

Another colorful chandy, this one with flying pigs!  (a former Piggly Wiggly, right?)

This dapper pig claimed he had 'kinfolk' up north, near "Philly".  Hmmmm, I do see a resemblance to a certain Pennsy pig named Earl.

We had a private dining area just for us.  Lots of dishes and serving pieces

Colorful Fiesta Ware

My idea of a southern breakfast.  My table mates were surprised to hear me order grits.  These were so delicious. Of course, my accent was like a light above my head.  Everyone knew I was not a local  :)

After breakfast, our first stop was at Twelve Forks Junction, a new store that opened just for us bloggers on Sunday.  

They also gave out bags of pecans and had bottles of water for us.

The pecans were from trees on the property

A close up

We spent some time at Vintage Village, and we enjoyed a brown bag lunch at SuZanna's in the village

Love this fence (and the sign)

Loved these metal goat sculptures of Maaa and baaaby

This vintage trailer was a huge hit, it was adorable.  I would love one in my yard

I needed to rest up a bit for my flight home, so I left the thrifting tour earlier than I would have liked.  But I am so glad I got to do most of it.

Thanks to Brittany for leading us on the tour, and my very sincere thanks to Suzy for driving me around and to Lani for getting me back to the hotel.  

For Part I of the SoBC weekend, click here.

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Y'all have a good week!



  1. Ha Ha Barbara, I do believe "y'all" have turned southern :). You don't have to be down here very long before the accent kicks in.
    Looks like a really fun day. In fact, I'm downright jealous to know this was just a few hours away and I had to miss it. That little trailer is adorable. I can see why it was a hit with the bloggers.
    Great post!

  2. Oh what fun! All those adorable shops and sweet things. I love that trailer! Too cute. Wonder if I could live like that all the time...doubtful, but I'd like to try. Grits, eh? Delicious. eh? Really? ☺

  3. Hi Barbara,

    I LOVE this post!!! I'm so sorry I missed this part of the conference; it looks like bunches of fun. Next year I'm gonna have to do that. Mr. Forest Manor says next year we should stay at the hotel so that I can get a chance to socialize more. Our funds are REALLY tight this year because our son is still in college. But he's a senior so we may have a little more wiggle room next year.

    What a neat chef's garden outside the restaurant/gift shop; I always love those charming little herb gardens. The "Two Old Birds" sign is especially cute; was that the name of the shop? I can see why the vintage camper was such a hit; it is just darling. I noticed a few little Scottie things in the pictures you took of the interior. I love the combo of aqua and red, don't you?

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the grits; my husband has lived his whole life in the south and refuses to eat grits. We can't believe he doesn't like them; I love them. :)

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to North Carolina; Raleigh is a neat city and I wish I could get there more often myself. You'll definitely have to come back next year.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    P.S. I haven't forgotten your cookies; I just have to get to a package/shipping store to mail them.

  4. Barbara What a wonderful conference....... to see and do all that you did... thanks for sharing.

  5. Morning, Barbara! Oh, what fun you must have had! Now that's a real southern breakfast if I've ever seen one. I love some grits with lots of butter! :) Looks like a great time.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. ma che bell'esperienza!Grazie di portarmi dall'altra parte del mondo!Qui queste belle cose non ci sono!Adoro il caravan!Baci,Rosetta

  7. Earl would have certainly been right at home at that long as bacon wssn't on the menu of course!

    That vintage trailer is adorable. Looks like another fabulous day you had!

  8. Looks like great fun! I don't think I have ever had grits!
    I have made hush puppies though!
    I hope you had someone take a group shot with YOU in the picture!

  9. I am good friends with a blogger that used to own Two Old Birds in Raleigh...she spoke of Suzanna's quite often. So nice to see all of you enjoying her corner of the world!


  10. Sounds like a really fun trip, Barbara. Lucky you for being able to attend.....Christine

  11. many beautiful things! The vintage trailer is fantastic and the first chandelier too. Thank you for sharing your thrifting tour...i love everything!

  12. What a great time you must have had! I love that vintage trailer!

  13. I am so glad you got to go and have a good time with other bloggers, Barbara, and congrats on taking such a big trip alone!

  14. That sure sounds like a fun day Barbara! I shopped at Piggly Wiggly when I was stationed in Arkansas, still remember chicken legs were 39¢ a pound! Love the colorful chandys and Earl says that looks a lot like long lost cousin Burrell:@)

  15. Such a fun time and a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing!

  16. It looks just wonderful to me and oh how I wish I could have come. Next year, I don't want to miss it!

    And now, I want a little vintage trailer for my own little haven. It's just so cute!

  17. Dearest Barbara,
    You really had a gorgeous time there.
    I was attracted everything you showed here. It was fun to read your accent is not the southern one. Never seen pecans; do they taste like almonds? Haha, I think I find the metal sheep so attractive♡♡♡ As I was born in a sheep yea, I thought I would love to have it(*^_^*)
    Have a relaxing week, my friend♬♬♬
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  18. So much eye candy to look at and thins to do -- you gals had lots of fun! I love shrimp and grits and order them often at a favorite restaurant in Denver called Lucille's.
    I'll never lose my Brooklyn accent..fuhgeddaboudit!

  19. What a fun time Barb! I also enjoy grits :-)

  20. It sure looks like you all had fun! I can't wait to hear about it when we get to meet. I wonder if you will think I have an accent :) The trailer is just the cutest! No grits for me. The food does look good though. There is nothing like southern food. Yum!

  21. Oh my, what wonderful images. I would absolutely LOVE to have that first gypsy chandelier! Or that little vintage camper...either one will do! And I love the punkin' patch many fun photos. Thanks for sharing! :o)

  22. Looks like a wonderful time. I am sure there is a lot to look at and learn. Maybe someday, meanwhile, I will see it through your eyes.

  23. Looks like you had a great time, Barbara! Makes me hope that perhaps I can attend a bloggers' conference next year. I don't always hear about them in time, though. I'll have to keep alert and by all means, if you have info on next years let us know when and where. I'm also interested in the Garden Bloggers' Fling. Thanks again for the virtual trip to NC! Glad you had fun!

  24. Hi Barbara. I really enjoyed your recaps about the conference! I'm so glad that you got a good picture of the piggy chandelier in NoFo. That thing was unbelievable! Sunday was SO MUCH fun. I can't wait to visit Suzanna's again. Were you still there when I found an old, chippy mantle that I'm going to use for a shelf for $10?

  25. What a fun time! Thanks again for sharing all the photos.


  26. What a fun post Barbara. Lots of great photos. The retro trailer being my favorite. I have to admit I have never tasted grits!

  27. Oh my goodness gracious... that looks like a wonderful weekend!!
    Love the shops, and fun things to see, and the food... yum!

    Those biquits look delish.
    (I've been trying to find a perfect bisquit recipe.....)

    So happy for you that you were able to go, and have such a wonderful time.

    Smiles :)

  28. Oh, what a ball you must've had! Thanks for sharing all the places you went and the yummy food, too. I love that retro trailer. It was decorated so cute inside, too.

  29. Who would have thought that you'd run into Earl's cousin in the South? Wish I hadn't missed this part of the conference!

  30. I am so so sorry I didn't go to this conference! What a fun time!!! Love all your pics...looks like you had the best time!!!


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