Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 review, hindsight, and my word(s) for 2013

Here we are, the second day of the brand new year.  We cooked our beans and greens, ham, or whatever our traditions dictated.  Wanting to get off on the right foot!  Filled with hope and anticipation.

2012 was supposed to be the year of the "shed" for me.  Not much happened.  I am giving myself smaller, more attainable goals.  I will focus on "clean" eating, and eating more vegan like as many days as I can.   

I had successful eye surgery, but as I was warned, I cannot read or see things close up without glasses.  Small price to pay.  

I had my first colonoscopy, in which a rather large, thankfully benign, polyp was removed.  I recommend for the 50 + crowd if you have not had one yet, please arrange for it.  It is so doable.  Nothing like I imagined.  March 21st will be one year, and I plan on doing a prep that day, just because I loved how I felt afterward, sooo light.  

I am still dealing with back spasms from a pinched nerve and fatigue, doctor appointments this week and next and recent blood work should have answers and hopefully, relief.  I do need to cut back on computer time, I can spend hours (and in fact, do) on here.  Not just blogging, I am addicted to Pinterest and Twitter, and after resisting Facebook for years, here I am on that, too.  

I did come out of my comfort zone, and in October I attended a bloggers' conference in North Carolina.  I wanted to face my 'fear of flying' and the TSA.  I wanted to see if I can still do things like I used to.  It was a wonderful weekend.

Also in October, I reconnected with cousins I had not seen or heard from in years.  The sudden death of one cousin brought them on a search to find me, and today it is very easy (too easy and quite scary when you think about it) to find an address or telephone number.  I am happy to have them back in my life.  And I made closure with others.

I did not start a big project I thought I would, painting my guest bedroom furniture.  I am going to bite the bullet and get that going in early spring.  I went through craft supplies and have projects lined up.  I did make a couple of Christmas crafts.  I also started crocheting again.  

I spent the summer hunkered down, trying not to spend unnecessary money, clearing out closets, files, I had two huge bags of shredded paper.  I missed seeing my friends, but it made up for it once I saw I had made big progress.  I had some minor home repairs done.  I also had nice photos of this that I wanted to post, but they are forever lost when my computer crashed and died on my birthday in August.  

I yearned for autumn, and it arrived on time, bringing the colors and scents and holidays, and a huge superstorm named Sandy that destroyed portions of my little island.  It was hard to learn that people I know personally had lost their homes, or had extensive damage.  I do not live near the water and did fine, except for a few nights of power outages and a few days of no telephone service.  

Now the holidays are behind us, and I am happy to return to normal everyday business.  

How do you like the new blog look?  I wanted lightness, and I find a soft lavender calming.  I love when I feel calm.  I think better, and then make better decisions than when I am fretting.  I want to thank Linda Primmer for her special talent in blog design.

I was sure my word for 2013 was going to be "joy".  I want to experience more "joy".  I think "peace" goes together with "joy".  I already downsized, but I still need to "simplify".   I need to remember all that I have been given, especially my dear sweet friends, and I need to be more grateful.  

Simplify + finding peace + by being grateful = JOY

A very good equation for a successful year ahead!

Thanks for listening!!!

And because I love my Sunday linkys, I will be joining 

and the very first Gratitude Party at A La Carte



  1. With your clean and my (En)joy, we've got the year covered. I like your blog look very much. I'm thinking of a blog redo, too. Hope you get relief for your back.

  2. Best wishes for 2013, hope you find your simpicity, peace and gratitude,
    Joy xx

  3. Hi Barbara,

    I really LOVE your new blog look! It's so pretty! I like lavendar, too; I used to wear a lot of lavendar, but you don't see it so much anymore.

    I enjoyed reading your 2012 review. I'm glad your polyp was benign, and it sounds like you've made some good goals for yourself this year. I love your "word equation" for 2013 -- those are good words for all of us to live by.

    Happy Blogging in 2013! :)

    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. That was a good and full year.
    Love that equation Barbara....
    Simplify + finding peace + by being grateful = JOY

    Great new look on your blog.
    I also am starting off with a new look. Hope it is not Too much!

  5. Oh I do like your equation for the year. And I loved reading this very coherent and flowing narrative of your year. We have similar concerns, I think. At least, the iPad helps get me out of my computer chair and into the recliner. LOL!

    Lavender? I don't see any lavender. Did you change it already?

  6. What a year! I am so glad you made some progress on your goals and are ready for 2013~ I haven't posted it yet, but my word for 2013 is also JOY! Thank you for joining my first Gratitude party...the link will be up on Sat evening!

    hugs, Linda

  7. Barbara F.,
    Happy New Year!
    I feel like I'm getting the flu. Hope not.
    Love the look of your blog. Enjoyed reading your year's review.
    Best wishes for the new year!

  8. JOY sounds like a great word to select for the new year.
    Your new blog looks is very nice and clean looking. Very pleasing to the eye after the excesses of Christmas.
    I enjoyed reading about your 2012 and found we had something in common. The completion of the colonoscopy. Ha Ha. I put that off for several years and feel so good to have it done. I think the worst part was the taste of that dreadful stuff we had to drink in preparation.
    I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with back spasms. I know how painful that is. I hope it won't be long until you are feeling ALL better.
    Happy New Year, Barbara.

  9. Dear Barbara, you have had quite the year, With eye surgery, a I hope your back spasms go away soon. Let's hope the doctor can uncover the issue.
    I had one several years ago. The prep is the worst part.
    Today, I am putting away all of the Christmas. The house will look empty, however it's a clean fresh feeling. I am so happy you love your blog re-design Thank you for the mention. I aim to please......XO Linda

  10. Dear Barbara, how many things you made in 2012! I' m sorry for your back spasms and i hope they go away as soon as possible. The new look of your blog is fantastic! I love the colors so bright.

  11. I do like your new look! I need to spend some time on designing mine. 2012 was quite a year for you! Hoping for your goals for 2013 to be attained!

  12. Looks like you've come up with the perfect equation for a great year-enjoy:@)

  13. Love your new look!

    So glad your eye surgery is over and you are recouping.

    Sounds like you have some good plans for the new year. It's always good to have a plan.


  14. Love your new blog look, Barbara! I enjoyed reading about your year in review and hope that you will indeed find much joy in 2013, along with health, love, faith, and prosperity!

  15. Barbara:

    Happy New Year Barbara. One of the best things about a new year, is that we get to start anew.

    Happy New Year.

    - The Tablescaper

  16. Dearest Barbara,
    Happy New Year to you, too♡♡♡
    Oh, I feel so sorry for your health issue, but happy to know your eyes are not in bad condition, my friend. I do hope your back is not hurt much!
    I love your new blog design from Linda♬♬♬ Wishing you a prosperous year 2013!
    Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  17. I don't think I have ever enjoyed your writer's voice any more than I did with this post. I felt as if I was sitting in a room with you, going through the year. I loved what you said about autumn (not that I loved the Sandy part, but about yearning for it. I get that.)

    I think your word for the day is just perfect! I taught "joy" in my Sunday School class a few weeks ago and almost blogged about it. It's a wonderful word and an even better "mission".

    Have I ever told you how much I love this blog? Well, I do. I was talking about you to my mom yesterday, in fact. I hope to get to a blogger's conference some day (this year??) too.

  18. Lovely Post Barbara Happy New Year!!!

  19. Hello Dear Barbara, It sounds like you parted with the old year in a peaceful way. I think you accomplished so much. Hope the health problems will continue to get better for you. I know the back problems, I'm better with mine too. I would love to work on my blog this year, hope to have more time to improve! I'm always a little sad to see the holidays end but I like starting fresh in the new year. Blessings to you for a wonderful New Year............

    The French Hutch

  20. OH Barbara, Love the new blog look. Beautiful, beautiful!

    The French Hutch

  21. Sounds to me like you accomphlished a lot last year Barbara. Facing fears and putting things that need to be in the past sounds like you shed a lot of fears and worked on making your life a better one. Sometimes it just takes baby steps to see the big picture. I hope 2013 is a better one for you health wise. I too enjoy your new blog look!

  22. What a year! Your new blog look is quite pretty!

  23. Hi Barbara

    Loved the run down since I'm one of your "newer" friends:)

    Happy New Year!



  24. BTW - I forgot to mention...I love the light purple scrolls!!!!!

  25. Barbara, what a fabulous 'stepping out' year you had! I'm sorry your back is giving you such trouble and hope it settles down very soon. I adore your new blog look!! Here's to 2013!!!! :)

  26. Hello Barbara...
    Thank you for this wonderful and heartfelt post.
    I really enjoyed my visit here today.

    I like the new look of your blog, and I love the word(s) that you've chosen for inspiration for the New Year.

    Wishing you good health, and much happiness in this New Year.

    Warm wishes...

  27. I enjoyed this peek back at your year, Barbara. I love to look back, but I love to look forward too! JOY is a great word..."The joy of the Lord is my strength." (Nehemiah 8:10) =D

  28. I love the pale lavender and your new look. And JOY is just perfect for a year we're all looking forward to! Sweet hugs!

  29. Love the lavender, Barbara~ It's clean and fresh. Hope you get lots of joy in the new year ahead. hugs, Sue

  30. I, too, love the new look and need to seriously consider a re-do. I am excited that you are on Facebook - maybe, we can meet up some day. Hope 2013 is the best year, ever!!

  31. JOY is a great word for the year but only comes by knowing Jesus and putting him first in our life. J=Jesus, O=others, Y=you. Knowing Jesus, loving and serving others before yourself makes joy.

  32. My goodness that is quite the year. And you are quite the writer.

    I am fairly new to blogging ( Only since the end of May ) and am now seeing these " words" crop up everywhere :) I have no special word but I enjoyed your post and your new look and I wish you all the best for 2013 :)

  33. I love your new look. I am so glad you got through 2012 with a great spirit. I know parts of it were difficult.
    I wish you a healthy and happy new year, Ginger

  34. Barb, I really like your new blog design. Fresh and clean! I might contact Linda to see what options I would have for a blog redesign.


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