Friday, January 18, 2013

Grow Your Blog Linky Party!

When I saw this party hosted by Vicki at "2 Bags Full", I just knew I wanted to participate.  I love to visit and comment, and love comments in return. followers!

To read more throughout the post, just click on the photos.  

I love my followers, I really do. I try to have a one-on-one relationship with almost all of them.  Some I can't track down, so I assume they don't blog.  Some post infrequently.  Some don't respond to me.  Several are my close friends in real life.  I enjoy the camaraderie that comes with blogging.  I know there are real people behind the blogs, and having met and communicated with them for nearly two years, I have to say I am grateful to have them in my life.

About Me

I live a simple, quiet life in a really big city:  New York!  

I live in one of NYC's 5 boroughs:  Staten Island

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY but living on Staten Island for the past 20 years, but my heart is part New Yorker, part Southern lady, part European, and part country girl.  I have two birds who are my feathered babies.  

Pearl Angel, 3 yr old one legged cockatiel


Kiwi, 17 yr old green cheek conure

I named my blog for them, and now they both give me a hard time when it comes to taking photos.  I want them to be more active on the blog, but without photos, it's hard.

I love to cook and bake, but living alone makes that hard.  I love to make food from my childhood, mostly Italian dishes from Naples and Sicily.

Easter Grain Pie

I like to do tablescapes and join tablescaping parties.  (My linky parties are shown on my side bar).  I wish I had discovered blogging before I downsized, I had lots more stuff to work with.  I have learned so much since I started following very talented ladies.

Noritake 'Carmela', issued 1947
I love to take day trips.  I spend lots of time in New Jersey and visit Pennsylvania as often as I can.

Peddlers' Village, Lahaska, PA Christmas Festival 2012
I love tea.  I travel quite a distance to enjoy a formal tea

The Talking Teacup, Chalfont, PA

I love autumn.  I love living in a part of the country where we celebrate the four seasons, but my heart belongs to the fall.

Melick's farm, NJ

Because of blogging, I am slowly getting back to doing some (simple) crafts, and I am planning to paint my guest bedroom furniture with chalk paint, and I have picked up my crochet hook after 25 years.  Yes, blogging has had a positive influence.

March 11th will be my 2nd blogaversary. I can't believe it, time has flown by.  I will be having a giveaway to celebrate, and I hope you stop by again.  Giveaway will be announced after Valentine's Day.  I look forward to visiting all of you.

Many thanks to Vicki at "2 Bags Full" for organizing and coordinating all the participants.  


Joy springs from within; no one makes you joyous; you choose joyfulness.  
                                                                                                                                       ~ author unknown


  1. Barbara, What a great post! Nice to get to know you better. What a fab idea for a linky party too. I need to go visit. :) Pam

  2. What a wonderful was nice getting to know you better! I didn't know you named your blog after your sweet birds. I used to raise cockatiels! At one time I had 14 in my home! They really are the most precious and friendliest little birds. Now we are down to just one Quaker parrot which is my daughters and she will take it soon when she has her own house. And I'll be a little relieved not to have the mess!

    I feel the way you do, blogging has made me a lot more creative. Those desires had sort of faded as I got older. Now I enjoy taking more time with my home and have picked up on a lot of little hobbies and crafting that I liked to do when I was raising my kids (a distraction I'm sure!).

    Happy Weekend, Barbara!


  3. Yes, blogging and my dearest blog friends have made me be more creative, decorate better, learn so much about cooking, china, photography,Vignette creating, festivity and holidays decor, etc. I mean..I've learned so much and that's why I have thanked you all my inspiring bloggers and followers, with which I have grown a one on one friendship, with most of you. I love this wonderful adventure of blogging and sharing my things and home with people that have this in common with me..WHICH IS THE LOVE OF HOME AND FAMILY. I hope to continue visiting you, posting, specially tablescaping which is my passion..and a few things more; with all of you, and with the help of God in this new year too.Big hugs,

  4. Hi Barbara, I feel like I know you a little better and hope to even more in the new year. I see why your blog has its name now. I think your birdies are adorable even if they wouldn't pose for the camera! Lucky girl, living in NY!!!! Thanks for sharing..........
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    The French Hutch

  5. What a great idea. Blogging and my blog buddies has been such a gift to me. And to think it all starts with just a comment. Glad I met you in Blogland.

  6. God to know more about you. Blogging is fairly new to me and I am amazed at the bloggers that I feel like are my friends already.

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. Dearest Barbara,
    Wonderful idea of this "grow your blog" linking party(*^_^*)
    Yes, I got to know you more, my dear friend in New York♡♡♡

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  8. The Easter Pies all look great Barbara, I'd love a big piece of the meat one for breakfast! Happy Weekend:@)

  9. Love your post, not only do I feel I know more about you as a person not just a blogger.... Agree blogging has moved me to be more creative and look at life in a different way. Happy to be part of your blog circle..

  10. Barbara!Che bello questo post!Mi piace così come sei!Baci,Rosetta

  11. Hi Barbara, I love learning even more about my friends. Thank you for sharing how blogging has changed your world. Happy weekend blessings to you! xo

  12. Lovely post... I live where there are four seasons, too and I celebrate each one. So happy for the change it brings in my life. So nice to "meet" you!

  13. Great blog..thanks for sharing with us:):) Will come by again and again :):)

  14. Barbara, it's a wonderful post and it gives us fellow bloggers a look into your life and who you are, along with Pearl
    Angel and Kiwi. Blogging is such a great outlet for sharing so much. I am glad to have met you. Enjoy the week-end. XO Linda

  15. Great post about you Barbara. I just left a comment, so I hope it isn't repeated. It's great getting to know you more. Sometimes, it is difficult to know the real person typing words on a blog. This post has given us a real look into who Barbara is. Thank you for sharing your life. XO Linda

  16. I enjoyed this opportunity to get to know you and your 2 birdies a bit better.
    I like the way that blogland inspires us to try new things and revisit old things. I've read a lot about the chalk paint and will be interested to see how you like it.

  17. I'm a happy follower and enjoy your blog I have you on my sidebar so I want miss anything that you and PearlAngel and Kiwi are up to up,going to see Two bags full!
    ~Jo @ LoblollyLane

  18. What fun to hear about where you live and what you enjoy! I hope you'll come by my blog, too, when you have a chance!

  19. Hi Barbara. I've not heard of tablescapes. What an interesting concept. Thank you for sharing today and joining in on the party.

  20. I don't necessarily want to grow my party, I like to keep it more intimate so everyone gets a lot of visits and I can comment on all of them. I notice on some of the big parties there are entries with only 1 or 2 comments, and never one from the hostess. I do like to get to know the bloggers, it makes it like a visit with a friend.
    I am so happy to know you dear B., and hope one day soon we will meet in person!
    Beautiful sunny day here in NY, but the cold is coming, so enjoy it!

  21. You have a lovely blog and I would love the recipe for your Easter Grain Pie. it looks so delicious! Have fun at the 'Grow Your Blog' party!

    Evalina, This and that...

  22. Your birds are beautiful and can I have a piece of that cake? Looks yummy. I love tea, too. It's one way I can relax, even if it's a tea for one.

  23. Loved this post and learning more about you!!

    If you are ever down in the Scranton area of Pa., let me know as i am only about 15 minutes away...


  24. You have a wonderful blog! I always enjoy my visits and you're in my list of favs!

  25. I enjoyed reading about you and I love your pretty china. I have always liked your blog, and have followed you for quite some time. Best wishes for growing your blog, my dear friend!
    xo Beth

  26. Dear Barbara, what a sweet and lovely post. I enjoyed very much reading about you, about your cute two birds, about the italian food which is part of your chilhood! Blogland can give us special and true friendship.
    Have a lovely week end

  27. Hi Barbara,

    So lovely post, I am happy to met you in this blog land.I am waiting for your give away ;).
    I love Italian food too.
    your birds so cute.
    happy to know you again
    have a nice weekend Barbara

  28. What a delightful blog! Your birds are the cutest little treasures- I've been wanting to get one but with 4 rescue cats running the household that isn't going to happen- It was such fun to see photos of Peddler's village and the talking tea cup- I live nearby both of those places and go to Peddlers' village all the time -it's lovely at Christmas- have only been to the Talking teacup once- but loved it!

  29. Hi Barbara, it's so nice to meet you! I am or should say was a big city girl, New York as well! Queens to be specific but now I live in a very rural part of New Hampshire in a 100+ year old converted barn on 37+ wooded acres. Alas we rent but it is still my dream cottage er, barn, LOL! I am very glad I found you and look forward to visiting and chatting online! I am your newest follower and I'll be back after Viki's party is over.
    Beth P (fellow New Yorker)! :D

  30. Loved reading about you, Barbara! xo Nellie

  31. Dear Barbara
    So lovely post today ! I learned so much for you and for your life ! I am glad that I met you !

  32. So nice to meet you. My husband is from Queens, and I love NYC. Your blog is lovely, and I found your through the Grow Your Blog party.

  33. Dear Barbara what nice and lovely bpost always is nice know more about you!:))

  34. Hello Barbara! I loved reading more about you! I do love your birdies. And it is good to hear that you travel around often and go to tea! I love to visit NYC, there is so much to see! Do you have a favorite place to go to tea?

  35. It is nice to meet you through the GYB party. I've travelled distances too to enjoy a formal tea.

  36. It was a pleasure reading more about you, Barbara. I have always wondered about your blog name and now I know. A pleasure also to meet Pearl and Kiwi!

  37. Congrats on your soon to be blogoversary!! how exciting. glad to meet you. please stop by my blog when you get a moment. take care. bye for now. ( :

  38. Lover seeing the photos of your birds and getting to know you a bit more :)

  39. I'm so glad that you joined the blogging world! Your feathered babies are adorable. One of these days I'd love to take that trip to the Fishes Eddies Outlet.

    - The Tablescaper

  40. You said it well! It's been nice getting to know you too! Your blog name is cute!

  41. Hi Barbara, so far so good, following you on Pin, Twit, and google and am trying to figure out Linksy. This is a great blog hop isn't it. Love your birdies. A friend of mine in England has birds of prey he hunts with and trains. I love to visit them. He also has a blue Macaw who is the loudest thing you've ever heard in your life. (And coming from NY I bet you've heard loud...he's louder but a funny character) There used to be Charlie, a white cocatiel, at the Vancouver botanical gardens who loved to talk to people and when one was ready to move on he'd hang his head and say, "poor charlie" in a tiny little voice and most of the people would turn around and talk to him some more. I loved that guy. Off to read some more of your posts now. Glad we're having this chance to meet. :)

  42. I came here from 2BAgsFull. Your blog is such a friendly place that I decided to stay- follow. I hope you will stop by my blog and consider following me,too. I aspire to have a blog that's a friendly place to visit. I'm a farm wife and mom.I had a bird just like your PearlAngel. That was many years ago. Now I have horses, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens- oops, I forgot the big one- kids.:)Not bad for a former city girl chef. :)

  43. I was fun to read and know a little more about you :) My sister raises cockatiels :)

  44. This was great to read! I love learning more about my bloggy friends. I wish that I had a blog when I was first married and starting a family ..... with all of the useful and fun things in the blogs..... I would have been amazing! : ) isn't blogging a wonderful thing, it really does inspire us to do things.
    I am so happy we "met"and I look forward to a long blogging friendship!!!

  45. I've enjoyed your posts--not to mention your sweet friendship--for well over a year now! Lucky me! Your posts are always such fun and filled with such inspiring and pretty things!! Bloggy friends are marvelous! :)

  46. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to following your blog.

  47. Barbara, I enjoyed reading this post, even though I already knew all these things about you! I am so thankful for our blogging friendship and I'm so happy to have met you in person. I noticed in the photo of the teapots that it was taken in Chalfont, PA. Leo's sister lives there! Isn't it a small world?

  48. Well phooooo-ey. I got life interrupted and never got around to this party, even though I had read about it and thought it was a good idea. I hope you got to meet some new, fun, friend. I knew that stuff about you so I just did a nod and grin all the way through. I even knew that autumn is your favorite time.

    Oh dear. Does that make me a creepy stalker?

  49. You have an interesting life. I am enjoying this linky party learning about new blogs. I just picked up my crochet hooks after many years too and am learning all kinds of new things through these blogs. I want to learn about that chalk paint too! It is nice to meet you and will start following. :)

  50. Hi Barbara, nice to meet you. I love USA, I've been in Maine and I drove to Boston but unfortunately not to NY. I hope to come one day. Maybe, we'll know better and you'll be able to be my guide ;-)
    I invite you to visit my blog

    Bogomilla <3

  51. Hi Barbara! Oh, this was a great post. I knew most of this about you but great to learn a few different things too! I'm so glad I've gotten to know you in Blogland.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  52. Hello,

    Nice to meet you in this party.:)

    There is a giveaway on my blog,too.

    All the best.:)

  53. Hi Barbara

    It was a great post - loved getting to know a bit more about you! Blogging friends are wonderful I agree and it's fun too!

    Enjoy tour week!

  54. Hi Barbara, really enjoyed this post. I have never heard the term "tablescaping" before but your table looks beautiful. Cute birds, trust them to turn shy instead of enjoying their status as blog stars!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and kind comments. Hope you are enjoying picking up your crochet hook again. If you are ever in need of crochet inspiration pop over to Lucy's blog a very colourful and inspiring place.
    Carol xx

  55. visiting via Vicki's GYB Party and enjoying your blog. is Staten Island recovering from the superstorm? the photos showed how dreadful the damage. your table is beautiful; well done!

  56. Visiting from Vicki's Party, of course. You have a very lovely blog and I will be back or follow... Please stop by if you haven't already and sign up for my giveaway. (I'm tardy because my motherboard died and went to the grave!) But, I have a replacement now! Hugs from Alaska. Karen

  57. Barbra I have been so out of the computer/blog loop lately with packing and unpacking, so I missed this lovely post about yourself! I will be relying on you to kep me in the loop about NYC now--it's good to have friends there!

  58. Well.. after seeing the birdies, I HAVE to follow you ... and I'll have to do a bit of blogging about my Kiwi :) I found you through the blog party - if you need a giggle - come and visit me at

  59. Having a great time at the Blog Party. So many little time...but, I'm making my way through the whole list! I'm a New Yorker, too...up in the Hudson Valley. Strange weather we're having! Love your photo of the Talking Teapot! Hope you'll stop by and visit me, too! Still trying to decide on a giveaway of my own...did I mention, so little time???

    Aloha for now from Vicki

  60. Goodmorning Ms B! I truly enjoyed your blog and will return often. Im your newest follower! We have many things in common. Love of Autumn, tea, our dear pets, Nice yto meet you and hope your lovely home was safe after that horrible storm a coiple months back. Hugs, Dianna stop by I have a giveaway!

  61. So nice to get to know you through the Grow Your Blog party. Enjoyed browsing your blog!


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