Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tweets can be sweet

I am seriously addicted to Twitter, more so than Facebook, or even Pinterest!  Social media really connects us in ways we would never think possible.

One of my "tweeps" is a chef/owner of a wonderful "old school" Italian restaurant called Marzullo's, in Montclair, New Jersey.  Raphael always posts photos of the wonderful dishes coming out of his kitchen.  I really wanted to go there.  I asked two friends to take a mini road trip with me yesterday, and we had the most wonderful lunch.   Raphael treated us like royalty!

We had a bowl of pasta fagioli soup (pasta fazool), eggplant rollatini (he asked what dish I was "craving"), my friends had delicious panini's and I had the very tender sliced steak (we took home lots of doggie bags).

We enjoyed complimentary sangria, espresso, biscotti and warm -from -the -oven pignoli cookies.

Best biscotti ever! some were filled and frosted

For those of you who live within driving distance, you should definitely make a plan to visit this restaurant.  

Stuffed artichokes

There is also a full deli and bakery on site.  


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  1. Dearest Barbara,
    OMG, so sorry that I missed visiting your posts a lot!
    The Italian restaurant looks GORGEOUS and the food must be delectable (♥˘◡˘♥) We don't have real Italian restrant here in my town. I'm happy you had a wonderful time with your friend♪♪♪

    Not getting better perfectly from cold (^^;)
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  2. You blessed gal, you! It looks like a fabulous day!!

  3. Another place to add to my list to visit. I've gotten to enjoy twitter more and I am grateful for my twitter buddies, Miss B!

  4. Yay...I finally am back to my blogging world thanks to my dear husband who gifted me with a new computer! It was just too hard to read blogs and try to post with the iPhone!
    Your new restaurant sounds delicious! We just had a new Italian restaurant open in the neighborhood and are enjoying it way too often. Might need to start walking there and back!

    Hope things are going splendidly for you, I'll be checking in now that I've got my 'wheels' back!

  5. Sounds like you all had a great meal! Ma would love the stuffed artichoke. Happy Sunday:@)

  6. Hello Barbara:
    Alas, we cannot share your addiction to Twitter but we can your obvious delight in good food. All of this looks to be wonderful - would that we were indeed a few miles away!

  7. Wow, my mouth is watering!! Everything looks so delicious and what a fun trip. I have never been on Twitter. Maybe, I will give it a look!

  8. What a wonderful connection you made through Twitter! It looks like a wonderful restaurant and the food looks delicious!

    ps: I love the beautiful scroll decor and your new 'look'!

  9. Sounds absolutely delicious! Wish I wAs closer!


  10. This looks fantastic. Asa one-time resident of Montclair I can also give this restaurant a thumbs up. You asked about salt. You would use less tables salt. The conventional substitution is 2 teaspoons table salt for every three of kosher or sea salt. I hope that helps. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. Dear Barbara, what a delicious menu. I know very well the italian food... and i' m happy that you like it!

  12. What delicious looking nice to have a special place to dine.

  13. Oh yum!! That all looks and sounds fabulous. What a neat way to find out about this restaurant. I haven't gotten into the Twittering yet. Just recently joined FB.

  14. It sounds like you had a heavenly day! The food looks wonderful...wish I were in the area.

    I don't know much about tweeting at all but it sounds like you meet some interesting people!


  15. Darn! I sure wish I lived closer...he makes all my favorites!
    How nice that you got to meet a Twitter partner in person & that he treated you so royally. I would feel so honored. I hope he gets to see this blog post, 'cus if I'm ever in New Jersey, he'll be getting a new customer.

    Thanks for is only 8 am & I'm hungry for Italian. LOL

  16. are so lucky!, mmm yummy and definitely delicious menu. Italian food won't disappointing indeed.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    have a nice week Barbara

  17. I still don't have a handle on Twitter. I tweet - but don't engage enough. Now - there's a twitter worth following. Even if I cannot get there. Sometimes vicarious food is helpful!

  18. What a fun day, Barbara! There's nothing better than being with friends and eating great food!!

  19. Oh my, Barbara. What a wonderful day you must have had. That was such a treat to meet him in person. Thanks for sharing your wonderful culinary adventure.
    Blessings, Ginger

  20. Did my comment get just jumped!!

  21. Anyway, I said that I love going out to eat with good friends and to have good food like you did...specially the Italian kind! That was fun to meet him too! Thank you for your sweet visit, my friend. Big hugs,

  22. Oh goodness...sure wish I lived within driving distance!! What a delicious meal.

  23. It seems that the restaurant is full of delicious food and you enjoyed a lot of them! I wish to you your days be like this!


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