Saturday, April 27, 2013

A peek into the yard

I haven't done any real garden work yet, temps go up and then tumble down.  I never plant before Mother's Day here, anyway.  But some things are poking their way through the soil.

This belongs to my neighbor, but is thisclosetomyflowerbed 

Hyacinth plant was an Easter treat I bought myself, it is in the yard but no more  flowers, just leaves.  Hope it comes up next year.  This purple one was a gift for a friend.  Also was trying something out with the camera.  

Time to get some pansies in a pot.  Weeds are already growing in leaps and bounds, cold doesn't bother them at all.  

Out in the back, things are waking up too.  

Lila the lilac bush

I have three mini lilac bushes, they bloomed so profusely the first two years, I used it as my avi, but dwindled and now I get nothing but leaves.  Maybe I'll get a bloom or two this year.

Helen the haggard hydrangea

Poor hydrangea, took a beating from a dastardly beetle two summers ago but it tries to come back.  I even got a blossom last year.  Don't have the heart to pull her out.  I'll see what happens this year.

My entwined fig tree, Francesca, and my scrawny rose bush, Rowena.  Starting to grow.  I got a few figs that were edible last year, I want to be able to make cookies and jams and give some to people.  That hasn't happened since 2008 when it was first planted!  

Here is my first double daffodil!  It is so top heavy it can't hold itself up!  I had to add this photo as it opened a day after the photo above of the bud was taken.   I need to get a stick to support it.

One thing about the spring, besides all the extra work, is the feeling of Hope!  

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The Amen of nature is always a flower.
Oliver Wendell Holmes 


  1. This time of year is so exciting...seeing all our pretty plants poking through the ground and budding. I'm wondering if some of your bushes need fertilizer since they did well only the first year. My hubby also likes to mix a handful of Epsom salts into a watering can and add it around our bushes every couple of weeks. Makes the leaves healthy and they grow faster.

    Have a great weekend, Barbara!


  2. Barbara, my crocus' are pretty well finished and my hyacinth are opening up. Next will come my daffodils. I love watching the garden come alive. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! :)

  3. Barbara, my crocus' are pretty well finished and my hyacinth are opening up. Next will come my daffodils. I love watching the garden come alive. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! :)

  4. A lovely walk around your yard, my hydrangeas don't do much any more either, I'm sure it's something I'm failing to do, do they need to be fed or something, I should check with the garden center. Thanks for sharing, Mary

  5. It does give hope to see everything beginning to bloom! I'm really interested in the fig tree. I would love one of those!

  6. I enjoyed this tour of your garden, Barbara. All of the new life popping up sure does offer a lot of hope.
    I've been tempted to plant a fig bush as I know they do well around here. Maybe this will be the year.
    Your wreath is so pretty and cheerful.

  7. Lovely! It is so exciting to see those first peeks at color and new life!

  8. It is nice to see things starting to bloom where you live! Down here in the south we have been blessed with a gorgeous spring!

  9. Looks like everything is greening up nicely! My lilacs opened yesterday, and it is glorious outside today! Hope you're having this great weather too-enjoy:@)

  10. It's looking good! Love hyacinths. Your wreath is so pretty and cheerful!


  11. Seems we always get so excited this time fo year for the plants, but like you said for many of us it is too early. We have some tulips but that is it. We have some pots in the house waiting for more predictable weather. It was warm a few days ago, but cold and rainy again.

    Hyacinths, especially the pale pink ones, are my favorite flower, so I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Love your angel statue too. Hope you're having a great weekend Barbara.

  12. Do you name all your plants, I think it's sweet. I talk to mine but I should name them to.

  13. I love how you name all of your plants Barb. That is just too cute.

    I planted hydrangeas a few years ago in a very bad spot and I think they are all dead this year. I actually hope so, because they have been a pain since day one.

    Thanks for the visit. So much appreciated! xo

  14. It's great fun to see what is popping up.

    Happy to have you at Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Thanks for showing us your yard. Figs, yum, hope you can get some again. Love the wreath. I am enjoying my few tulips...have a great Sunday!

  16. It looks like Spring has finally arrived, Barbara! It's so great to go outside and seei things emerging with new life and color, isn't it? It does indeed give us Hope. xo

  17. So pretty. We've got pansies up the street and you've given me the good idea to post about them. Have a sweet Sunday!

  18. I love seeing plants and flowers peeking their way through the dirt and toward the sunshine. Love flowers so much! I'm sure your specials will bloom again. Is there a certain food that might help them?

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hi Barbara, So glad to see spring really here. It was a slow start here but is coming along. We never had a frost but it did stay pretty cool for a long time. My daffodils didn't bloom because it didn't get cold enough.
    I have been working in my flowers today. Mostly cleaning and trimming. Hope to post some pictures tonight.
    Have a blessed day, Ginger

  20. Dear Barbara, your pictures are full of hope! I love to see your plants and flowers near to bloom. The wreath on your door is just gorgeous!!

  21. Hi Barbara, I enjoyed my peek into your yard. Your double daffodils are so lovely, my favorite flower. They start to peek out here late January and February. I treat myself to supermarket daffodils and hyacinths and plant them in the yard after enjoying inside. Your hyacinths should come back next spring. Love the angel and it’s nice your neighbor’s fairy is nearby to enjoy too! Lovely post.

    The French Hutch

  22. Barbara, I can almost smell those hyacinths! I haven't even wandered around to see what is still alive after the horribly dry summer we had...hope my hydrangea made it.

  23. I love that your flowers have names...that's fun! The double daffodil is beautiful. I've never seen one of those.

  24. I love daffodils! I will have to plant some bulbs and see if they will survive the crazy weather here next spring. Your door wreath is so pretty!

  25. My daffodils and hyacinths are just starting to bloom but the bushes and trees are still bare. I envy your fig tree!

  26. Things are coming along, Barbara. Hope your lilacs give you lots of flowers this year. Did you try a little Bloom Booster? Have a great wknd and here's to spring!
    xo Beth


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