Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last Minute Thoughts

No, I am not going to list all that I am grateful for, did that last year.  Still holds true now, just counting my blessings each and every day, not just on Thanksgiving.

I made two soups, butternut squash and chicken, baked two pies, pumpkin and coconut custard, made cranberry sauce, baked sweet potatoes and prepped the stuffing.  Still have lots to do.  May not even get to sleep tomorrow night!

We are getting lots of rain and wind, temps are holding so far in the 40's, but tomorrow night the temp will plunge by 30 degrees.  I really don't get this crazy weather.  It was a beautiful, mild fall.  I guess it wants to go out in a big way.

We will be six on Thursday.  The oldest guest is 98, the youngest, yours truly, is 59.  Makes me chuckle to think of that.  My strategy this year was the spirit of enough.  Making do with things I have.  I tried to change some side dishes, but no go, my old standards are requested.  I am not making mashed potatoes, I was told they are not necessary (I think so).  Oh well.  I may make some over the weekend just to make turkey croquettes.

I resisted the urge to run to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy a tablecloth or napkins. I shopped locally rather than a fabulous specialty food store and orchard where things are double the price.  I do believe it will be enough.  I hope so, anyway!  No crafts, recycled some fall decorations, keeping it simple.  I am happy I accomplished what I did.  I can't wait to get a lap top, I miss photos so much.

Hope all my readers and friends have a very blessed and very happy Thanksgiving.  If you can't all be together this year with your family, there is always next year.  Or Skype.  Be safe with the crazy weather affecting 20 states and the entire East Coast.

Love you!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Beginning of the End

I am attempting to post with the iPain.  We shall see how far I get.  I wish I was sharing a nice recipe or craft, but my thoughts the past few days have been on the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination.

In the movie, When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal asks his much younger  girlfriend where she was when Kennedy was shot.  She responds, "Ted Kennedy was shot?"  Everyone laughed, but generations  after us never think about, or even care very much.  They will have to Google it, I guess.

I was in the fourth grade, 9 years old, and I remember that Friday. So vividly.  We were in the middle of a lesson when the Assistant Principal, Mr. Klein, rushed into our classroom and whispered something to our teacher, Mrs. Steckler.  She immediately burst  into tears.  We were immediately dismissed.  The words "President Kennedy was shot" were ringing in my ears, although at the tender age of 9, I had a more pressing issue at the moment:  how was I to walk home from school, crossing three large avenues, with no adult supervision?   I had no way of contacting my mother, who was expecting me to get out at 3 PM.  I just plodded on home, looking both ways when I crossed the avenues, running as fast as I could to reach the other side.

When I arrived home, I found my mother and aunt sitting in front of our tv, crying.  They were both shocked to see me walk through the door.  I started crying, too, in the way a child does when she sees her mother crying.

I had no idea that history had just been made, nor that our country was changed, and that life as we knew it and enjoyed it would be no more.

I have often thought to myself that our country was so changed, and just kind of went downhill from there.

 My father loved JFK, they were 2 years apart in age, and both fought in WW II.

I wonder if their paths crossed then, or perhaps in Heaven?


Apologies for crazy fonts and sizing, it is tough to control anything on here, and auto spell is making me nuts, for real!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just a little chitchat

Today is a special date:  11-12-13.  Did you make a wish?

I am missing my lap top, which I had sent back.  I am not willing to pay $1050 for repair.  I was told that Sony parts are expensive, but really, the computer was less than half that price!  I hope to be fully back up with a new one by the weekend.  

The taping of the Rachael Ray show aired on Monday, and it was fun to watch.  I saw myself three times.  They also included a segment with The Cake Boss, Buddy, but we did not actually see him.  

Today it is a really gloomy, raw day, with wet snowflakes earlier but not sticking to anything.  It is supposed to be near 60 on Friday, which is good as I have a vet appointment that day.  Had to postpone the previous one due to cold weather, not good for my feathered babies.

I took a free class at the Apple store, and it was helpful.  My new iPad Air was making me crazy, but I managed to be connected with important stuff like email, my banking, and of course, Pinterest!

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I started list making, timetables, etc.  I really want to be on the ball so I don't get too stressed out.

I started making some Christmas cards.  While I refuse to decorate before Thanksgiving, of course, crafting and card making must get done sooner.  I draw the line on baking cookies as well, since I don't have the freezer space.  And they would be way too tempting for me.

I am looking forward to a real post complete with photos soon.  I enjoyed such gorgeous color from the trees in my own 'back yard', but in a NY minute they were on the ground.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello from the land of the technology challenged

Sorry everyone, I have been MIA from my blog due to an unfortunate incident on Halloween!  I do think I had a pesky ghost hanging around that night, and a glass of water was spilled  on my laptop keyboard!

I had a group of kiddies waiting for treats, but I blotted and prayed and did what I could.........I actually got back on and it seemed to be OK.  I was surfing the web in "Fool's Paradise."

I expect my laptop to be returned by November 19th.  I am keeping myself connected with a new iPad Air.  I am muddling through and need to get to a class.  But it is not  the right thing for blogging.

I did get to be in the studio audience for a taping of the Rachael Ray show on Tuesday. I have a group photo but  I have  no clue how to upload it here,  Working on that, in the meantime, try to tune in this Monday, November 11th at 10 am est to see it.

We saw chef Richard Blais and actress Liv Tyler and her maternal grandma and received their book on manners and the new etiquette.  Photos forthcoming as soon as I can get to Best Buy or the Apple store (or run into a ten year old).


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