Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow blows

This is our winter to pay the dues for the past three years when we escaped most of winter's wrath!

We received another 9 inches of the white stuff and now we are in the deep freeze.  No chance of warm up in sight.  To say I am miserable is putting it mildly.  What is it again about winter that those of you who "love" it attracts you?  I just don't get it!

Things are moving along here, feeling better, toes healing.  They take a long time, according to the doctor, I had no idea exactly how long.  I need to go back in six weeks for an x-ray.  Walking is fine and so is driving, so I consider myself very blessed as the fall I took could have been a whole lot worse.  (Shudder!)

I find it hard to make plans this time of year, especially the way the weather is this year with the "polar vortex".  Then of course, we leave that behind in time for "El Niño".  Why can't weather just go back to the way it was?  No fancy names, no fancy excuses, no naming of storms.  It just adds to the obnoxiousness.  It is winter in the northern climates, that is all!

I saw the film August: Osage County this week.  Of course, exceptional acting by Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.  The entire cast was excellent.  But a deep dark heavy drama that leaves you hanging at the end.  Hate movies like that.  Save your money, maybe catch it on Netflix.

I have lots of projects sitting around, clamoring for my attention.  I pretend not to see them.  I did more de-cluttering at the end of the year.  I need to concentrate on the bedrooms, and my store room.

Sometimes when the weather is beautiful, I find myself in the mood to go through papers and files and shred!   Now I am a prisoner in my own home and all I want to do is drive to New Jersey!  You would think I would pull out the wool I bought in the summer (yup) and crochet something, but no, I pace and go from one window to the next.  I need Tony Robbins to come here personally to motivate me.

Hope you are all doing great, staying warm if you are in a northern place.  I wish I had some gardening catalogs to thumb through.



  1. Barbara - Glad your foot is doing better - at least you can drive. I feel for you folks up there with all of that snow and cold. We're having colder than usual but nothing like you all have. Stay warm.


  2. Wasn't that movie based here in OK?

  3. I think people who love winter love it for one of two reasons: First, would be the love of winter sports, like skiing, sledding, ice skating, etc.Second, would be those that love to stay inside with a good book, a hot chocolate and a roaring fire. Winter can be cozy!

    I personally prefer the cooler weather ( but not frigid weather) as I find it easier to warm up than cool down from summer's heat and humidity. We are having a mild winter so far here in Colorado, but that doesn't mean it can't still get cold and snowy in!

    I love Meryl Streep, but I think I'll save watching that movie for NetFlix!

  4. I have never liked winter and without sunshine, I am almost a different person...not one I like very much. We have had way too much snow and way too many days with sub-zero wind chills. I feel like a prisoner in my own home. I have escaped only for a doctor appt. and a few grocery trips. Yuck! Hang in there! This too shall pass!

  5. YAY! I love looking at the sideboard and seeing a post from here.

    I couldn't agree with you more about the naming of things. Believe it or not, I almost blogged about it. Glad I didn't. Now I can just spout off here,.

    I just told my husband this morning that the manic naming of things is getting old. Why can't a storm just be a storm the way it used to be? I do understand hurricanes I guess, but every weather extremity? I guess we'll have "Tropical Heat Wave Augustus" come summer time...

    It's all so sensationalized. Snorting...

    I know what you mean about wanting to get OUT when you have been cooped up and wanting to stay in and purge when you can get out. I'm topsy turvy like that as a general rule. Right now? I want to paint some furniture that I bought and can't.

    So I'm kind of pouting.

  6. It sure has been a hard winter for most of the country. And I know what you mean. I think I'll do a bunch of projects or clean closets when I'm stuck inside but that's not when I'm in the mood to do them! lol I can't wait to see that movie but we'll rent it first! Thanks for the advice! Hugs!

  7. Your next to the last paragraph had me laughing. So true! Must be the human condition. We did not get any snow at all with this latest system, but it is bitter cold. I am feeling quite housebound, too.

  8. Hi Barbara, I hope you continue to mend. I am one of those crazy people that like snow, and this year we shipped all of our snow to you apparently. If I have to travel over a mountain pass, I do not like it, but if I am home I love to watch it fall. It is so peaceful and calming. I miss it, and we depend on it so much for water in the spring and summer. You cracked me up when you said you needed a personal visit from Tony Robbins!! Joni

  9. Barbara, I am one of those odd folks who claim to enjoy winter. It's usually a time to hunker down and sip tea and read and forge ahead with our school work without so many interruptions. But this year? Well, these recent cold snaps have threatened to snap my enjoyment. It has been a sober few months, too. Lots of pondering.

    I am glad to hear that your toes are healing well, and that you're getting around. When spring finally arrives, you'll be springing out the door...on your way to New Jersey! Or maybe you'll be crocheting? You made me smile with that one! :)

  10. Hey, girlfriend, if you drive to New Jersey, you come visit me! :) The driveway is shoveled!

  11. So nice to see a post from your corner, Barbara.
    I'm happy to hear that you are doing better, but I'm sorry you're a prisoner in your own home.
    I watched all of the news reports showing the snowstorms in the northeastern states. Ugh! So glad to be down here where it's cold, but no snow to contend with.
    Thanks for the heads up on the movie. I thought it looked good. Now I'm thinking I'll wait for it on Redbox.
    Hang in there.

  12. Amen to this post; I'm really tired of cold and snow. My washer froze up yesterday; thawed out today and catching up quickly before it occurs again (only happens when it gets negative 5); happy to hear you're on the mend. Stay warm and plan for spring (some 50 some days from now) Patty

  13. We haven't had but about 1 1/2 inch total snow all winter. There are those around here who would like to have a little more than that so a snowman might be built.:) What is really hard is the piercing wind! Not a good time to be outdoors! Thinking about you! xo Nellie

  14. Brrrrrr... It's freezing here too. After an all day snow yesterday, the drive to work this morning was 2 degrees. Yikes.
    Stay warm my friend!

  15. Glad to hear that you are healing. I like winter and all the coziness that it brings. Fall is my favorite season, followed by winter then spring, then summer.

    Enjoy dreaming of your gardens.


  16. I love winter and we are getting hit again with snow, glorious snow. I'm glad you are healing too! I also stopped by to thank you for paying a neighborly visit on my Healthy Breakfast of avocado and egg sandwich. It's yummy. As far as my weight loss tips, had surgery, so I don't recommend that. Stay inside and enjoy your home and this nesting time.

  17. I can't say I love winter either! A few days each side of Christmas and I am done with the cold and the snow. Thanks for the movie review too - guess we won't be going to that one. I hate to be left hanging!

  18. Hi Barbara, Good to see you post! Hope your computer-blog problems are over. Yeah, it's just winter. Do we forget that every year? I think so. We whine every winter, yet we moved from sunny south Florida to Virginia, knowing we'd be cold. Don't regret it because we love our area, but not the heating bills, lol.

    I get antsy like that also, and find myself doing three things at once, going back and forth between them. Get that yarn out! I've been crafting and that has helped me.

    Take care, :) Pam

  19. Hi Barbara,

    Soon this cold front will pass and life will be back to "normal" ;) On the west coast we've had a dry and unseasonably warm season. I'm enjoying the lack of freezing temps but I'm concerned about the lack of snow pack and having a dry summer.. it's always something, right? When we have rough winters I get antsy .. hang in there and enjoy your quiet time.

  20. I understand going stir crazy in this weather! Glad that I don't have to get out and go to work and drive on treacherous roads. Good to be able to stay inside. Take care and enjoy your wknd!

  21. Glad to hear the tootsies are healing well. It is a blessing that you are able to still drive and get around without a lot of grief. I'm so sorry you guys are being hit with the kind of weather you're getting right now. It has been tundra cold here, but we've been spared the frequent and heavy snowfall. We've had only 3 measurable snow events this season, and nothing over 5". Hallelujah! With Ramon having to travel 2 hours each way, I love it when the weather stays dry.

    You're antsy? Really?!??!! This is the time of year I am kind of grateful that it's so cold out. I'm less likely to get out in the streets and more likely to get some projects done inside the house. It helps me to really get ready for Spring when I know I'm going to want to get out in the sunshine & warmth. I won't feel guilty about things not being done! :-) I DO totally understand, though. I just wanted to be at home and not be bothered, but once I had my surgery and was FORCED to stay home, I suddenly felt the need to get out and go everywhere! Funny how that works, isn't it? Well, I hope you're able to get out of your funk and that some gardening catalogs magically appear in your post box! Stay healthy and warm, and have a great weekend!

  22. The cold is heading here to Texas, but of course it's never as bad as where you live. Glad your toe is getting better! Love the header, have I missed seeing it before? So cute! I'll wait to see that movie for sure. Big Hugs, Linda

  23. Hi Barbara! I' m glad you are doing better. I love winter, it' s my favourite season of the year. I love snow too, but not in the city becuase it makes a lot of problems.

  24. Hi Barbara,

    I'm glad your foot is healing but sorry to hear that the nasty weather is keeping you trapped inside. I think that human nature is perverse that way; when we're so busy we can hardly catch our breath, we long to stay home and relax in the peace and quiet of our home. Then when we're forced to stay at home, all we want to do is get out and go. Been there, done that.

    The nation has certainly been hit with extreme cold this winter. I'm thankful to have a warm place to live when the weather turns frigid like this. Hopefully, things will get better soon where you are, Barbara, and you can enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face and a day trip to someplace fun. Thinking of you!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  25. So glad to hear you are healing. I'm sure it will take awhile since you did have a nasty fall.

    I am so sick of winter also. We got 13 1/2 inches of snow this week and the temperatures have been in the single digits. I am SO looking forward to spring. I do like the winter, but not the snow, ice and FRIGID temperatures.

  26. Dear Barbara,
    I live in Dutchess County, NY... we only got 2 inches of snow, but it is sooooo cold.

  27. Hi Barbara,
    I haven't been receiving your posts emailed to me like I used to. 😞 I don't know what to do about it. Thanks for the review of the movie. xo


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