Monday, May 19, 2014

The Scent of Spring

Spring is going well here so far.  Heavy rains twice caused a leak from my roof where it ends up seeping into my living room ceiling!  That only postpones my buying a lap top, unfortunately.

But the good news is, after about four years of no blossoms, only leaves, my three lilac bushes - Lenni, Lili, and Lila - are blooming again!

I am overjoyed.  It is one of my favorite plants.  It smells so good, wish I had a scratch-and-sniff feature.

I will cut some and make a bouquet or two.  I am happy that they survived the polar vortex this winter.  I think the reason they bloomed again is that I have left them "au natural" - no clipping for several seasons.  My landscaper used to mow them down!

I had to seriously trim back my fig tree.  Francesca, as I named her, has not been producing any edible fruit but had gotten so out of proportion.  It is a little sad to see her in this state.   Maybe she will come back eventually, and bear some fruit.

Hope your garden is making you happy!


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